7 different methods of moisturizing skin. The victory over the dryness is guaranteed!

We all know that our body is composed of cells. The main building material for the cells is a protein, but not the least important factor - the availability of sufficient water. Indeed, thanks to the fluid occur all intracellular processes! Update skin and its protective functions depend on how the skin hydrated, inside and out. Dryness, peeling, rashes, wrinkles, fading and sagging skin - signs that your body really needs water. Understand the main causes of skin dehydration and beat them! Your skin needs attention and care ...

dehydration does not occur in a vacuum. There are a number of reasons that contribute to dry skin. Check them and try to understand what affects the disappointing state of your skin. Perhaps the whole complex of negative phenomena injure your face ...

1. Skin diseases can cause dryness and flaking of the skin. For example, demodicosis.

2. Cosmetics containing powerful chemicals in its composition, makes the skin fragile and vulnerable.

4. Malnutrition and eating, coffee and carbonated drinks is very bad for the skin condition.

5. Hypothermia, a strong wind, temperature extremes - that prevents the skin to fully carry out its protective function.

6. Natural aging and the change in the hormonal background - also causes dry skin too.

If some of the reasons there is in your life, most likely, you have a dry skin face. This problem is even close to people with mixed skin types: specific areas such as the nose, forehead and chin, may belong to fatty skin type, while the cheeks are dry suddenly. Sear, loss of elasticity, premature wrinkles, redness, itching and flaking, the feeling of tightness ... All this - the unpleasant symptoms associated with dry skin type. Listen to the advice that can help you cope with these troubles. The skin condition should not cause you discomfort!

Help dry skin:

1. Drink enough water, moisturizing body from the inside. Replace coffee and tea water, at least temporarily.

2. Try not to supercool, avoid dusty places, and strong wind. If the work is connected with the constant trauma to the skin - think about, to change it.

3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, do not forget about dairy products - yogurt and sour cream are useful for the skin. Proper nutrition is essential for skin beauty!

4. A sauna and a solarium contribute overdrying skin. Give up these procedures at a time and see how it reacts to the skin.

5. Sleep at least 7 hours a day. If adequate sleep, you can look younger for a few years!

6. It's time to quit, if you pursue this habit. The easiest way - is lazy! Lazy to buy cigarettes, to go after them, carry them with you. Laziness works wonders and sometimes very helpful in life, if lazy to do unhealthy things.

7. Use your moisturizer for the skin! As you can see, this point - the last. First you need to treat the body from the inside, and only then deal with external procedures. Here are some practical recipes that moisturize the skin by 100%. Secret - in a natural remedy!

The mask of grated carrots and powdered chicken egg yolk softens the skin. em>

Tomato Mask - frayed fresh tomatoes, a pinch of starch and a little olive oil - a cure for dry skin. em>

The juice of cucumber mixed with heavy cream in a ratio of 1: 1, nourishes the skin and gives it softness. em>

1 tbsp. l. honey, 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil and 1 egg yolk - moisturizing mask that will shape even heavily damaged skin. em>

2 hours. l. ground lemon peel, 100 grams of sour cream, 1 egg yolk and a little olive oil - a wonderful nourishing mask. em>

Do not worry, if the condition of your skin is not the best! In the spring, these problems are exacerbated, making women scared to try different means to maintain the beauty. Calm and healthy way of life - beauty recipe that works perfectly. These tips will help you a rational approach to the problem of dry skin of the face and solve it with ease! You'll look brilliant, no doubt.

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