Dehydration of the skin—the main causes

Many people know that the cell is a complex organism, which is continuously taking place of various chemical processes responsible for the level of our life. However, without water, all these processes start to happen incorrect that immediately reflected on the skin as it becomes tight, dry and constantly peeling. Everyone who cares about their health and beauty, need to know what leads to dehydration of the skin, and to know how to deal with this disease.

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Dehydration of the skin: the main causes are Often the causes of dehydration of the skin can be:

1. skin diseases during which occurs a desiccation of cells;

2. diseases affecting internal organs: hormonal, infectious, disorders in the stomach, problems with the genitourinary system;

3. the influence of external factors: excessive radiation of ultraviolet light, low temperatures, strong wind, dry climate, dust;

4. side effects of some medications;

5. excessive sweating;

6. incorrectly chosen cosmetics;

7. smoking;

8. unhealthy diet;

9. weather conditions: in winter, the facial skin more prone to dryness;

10. uncontrolled consumption of beverages with the presence of a dehydrating components: soda, coffee, tea and alcohol.

11. natural aging: the most common problems observed in the age group over 50 years.

Each of these reasons is a completely independent factor that can make the skin rapidly fading. That is why it is important to determine what is the root of the problem. But before you begin to search for the factor provocateur, to be sure it really happened dehydration of the skin.

Symptoms of dehydration of the skin it is First necessary to understand that the constant type of the skin and dehydration may not be mutually exclusive factors. For example, owners of oily skin prone to dryness in the same way as people with dry or normal type. The process of dry skin is characterized by the following signs:

1. regular discomfort in the face;

2. dryness of the epidermis;

3. a significant loss of elasticity;

4. not disappearing even after the water and beauty treatments feeling of tightening;

5. the roughness of the skin;

6. the appearance of redness in the facial area;

7. emerges fine lines, wrinkles;

8. dark, sometimes scaly patches;

9. itching; in case of dehydration, no doubt, is to take immediate steps to eliminate it.

How to help dehydrated skin? With a clear adherence to each of the items treatment of dehydration of the skin will be quick and easy.

1. Drinking regime In the first place is to regulate the balance of water inside. It can be done, if throughout the day every hour drink 200 ml of clean, filtered, boiled water. Everything else, you should minimize the consumption of coffee and tea, replacing them with dairy products: milk, kefir or yogurt. From soda and alcohol must be completely abandoned.

2. External factors If the working environment suggest strong dust, or a large concentration of harmful substances – it should take a vacation, thus protecting the skin from the harmful effects.

3. Diet you Need to take care about consuming sufficient fresh vegetables and fruits, while fast food, pickles and canned goods should be limited.

4. Lifestyle it's time to give up bad habits. It is not recommended to abuse the sauna and Solarium, and a natural tan. In addition, it is necessary to provide a healthy, restful sleep.

5. Treatment of diseases of the dehydration of the skin will occur until, until the elimination of the factor that caused it. Therefore it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and then treatment. The only way to embark on the restoration of the former

the beauty of the skin. In the treatment of dehydration of skin can help and traditional medicine offers number of effective remedies, made at home.

A moisturizer with your own hands — masks for dry skin Combines the application of these means and the above activities will significantly speed up the healing process. Each of these masks is applied for 20-30 minutes.

1. Mask from carrots Fresh carrots is passed through a fine grater, then with 3 tablespoons pounded fresh chicken egg yolk.

2. Tomato mask tomato is cleaned from the peel and seeds, rubbed through a sieve. Two tablespoons of grated tomato mixed with a teaspoon of cornstarch, then added a little olive oil.

3. Mask with herbs Mix all the dry flowers of St. John's wort, chamomile and yarrow. Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water. After the water has cooled, add 2 fresh egg yolks, a little honey and lemon juice.

4. Cucumber mask fresh cucumber pressed juice, then 2 tablespoons of mixed with thick cream in a 1:1 ratio. To the mixture is added 20-30 drops of rose water.

5. The mask of curd Mixed a tablespoon of fat cottage cheese, carrot juice, milk and olive oil.

6. Honey mask tablespoon of fresh honey and vegetable oil mixed with one egg yolk. The mixture was slightly heated water bath.

7. Smetana mask Ground lemon peel in the amount of two teaspoons of fresh pounded with egg yolk, then add 100 grams of sour cream and a little olive oil. Dry skin is a serious disease, for which treatment should be approached with great responsibility. You must understand that the struggle against the external manifestations are not sufficient to eliminate the causes of disease and on the inner level. Only a comprehensive solution will allow you to return the skin beauty and health.




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