The pursuit of beauty in times of scarcity: the main beauty secrets of Soviet women.

An interesting paradox: despite the fact that the Soviet Union was a huge shortage of cosmetics and products in general, women still managed to look beautiful and well maintained. Means for care at the time it was very difficult to get. They took everything they offer, even if the tone is not suitable. In any case, the goods could then hand over to the commission. We offer you to dip in those days and remember what used Soviet beauty.

1. It is impossible to imagine the makeup of those years without ink in cubes. Before use, it was necessary to moisten it, so many it just spat. And the most desperate curls lashes hot spoon previously.

2. Many people think that newfangled trend to use blush as lipstick, recently coined. But so do many women in the USSR.

3. toothpowder but tough abrasive dentifrice can be a lot of things to clean, for example cutlery. On the design and material of tooth powder savings. Competition still has not been.

4. Baby Shampoo "quack-quack" many causes great memories. The delightful smell of toffee and caramel can not be compared with any modern fragrance shampoo. He is well-foamed, without pinching his eyes, and her hair after it were very fluffy and soft.

5. One of the elements of the image most fashionable women of the time was lush hair. To create this miracle of hairdressing used hairspray "beauty." He fixed the hair so that it becomes hard to the touch.

6. At the end of the eighties on the market there are many diverse makeup. Shadows of Ruby Rose, probably had everything.

7. Product Este Lauder, Lancôme and Dior brand shop of many have not even dreamed of. And those who had the makeup used it for special occasions.

8. Tone Cream "Ballet" from the factory "Freedom" created an unnatural mask effect, although it is well disguised deficiencies.

9. The powder was divided into the following groups:
Super - the "East", "velvety", "Ballet».
Group A (good quality) - "Red Moscow", "Kremlin", "Hellas", "The Tale».
Group B (medium) - "The Mask", "Camellia", "Chypre».
Group B (mass production) - "Carmen", "Lilac", "Violet».

10. The most popular perfume of the time were "Red Moscow". The prototype served "My favorite bouquet Empress", which was first manufactured in 1913 in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, especially for Alexandra Feodorovna, and then in 1925, resumed production of fragrance called "Red Moscow". Also, no less popular spirits were "Natasha", "The Red Poppy", "Tenderness" and others.

11. For men released colognes. The most popular were "Sasha", "Three" and "Lily of the Valley».

12. Mark KiKi was popular due to its varnishes, whose quality was frankly poor, nails from their ports, but, as they say, beauty demands victims.

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