The Aral sea will soon become history

As described in their reports, the scientists that were left after the Aral sea, toxic. It is full of pesticides and chemicals. Local tour operators in Nukus say that tourists year-on-year increase. Many people come here for the sake of a blind area of the Central Asian States to visit famous collection of works of Savitsky. Here offer tours of the fortress. But the Aral sea has become one of the most known sad man-made environmental disasters around the world, becoming the main attraction.

In that year the coast was visited by almost 300 foreigners. The number is constantly growing. The peak of popularity comes to autumn and spring. Many have in mind such an extreme. Tourists are always looking for adventure, want to see the famous lake, the place is the beach, yet it is a little bit of water. Lack of water is felt in many regions. So, calling on your site Amour for construction and digging wells to reservoir water can not be reached, or he would be so poor that you will not be able to meet the needs of site owners. Pellet Bands felt a special interest in these unusual places. He was in Ukraine and visited Chernobyl, where occurred the explosion of a nuclear reactor. He ran along the shore, digging your feet in the mud. The rest of the tourists with the driver was seeing him off. During the year the shore has receded by about 50 metres. The bottom of the sea still wet, dotted with seashells. The salinity level of the Aral sea reaches 10 percent. As further possible reduction in the surface of the sea, the salt level may rise to 16 percent, which is almost half the concentration of salinity of the Dead sea.

Residents see the influx of tourists all kinds of entertainment and enlightenment. Before the Aral sea was full of fish boats. It was rich with fish, remaining one of the largest lakes in the world. Every local knows the reasons for the withdrawal of water. Extremely hot summers, dust storms, harsh winters, and bronchopulmonary diseases caused the water to disappear.

Activists believe that to fix this cause can only be the government. The main cause of problems is misuse of water resources. More than 10 percent of the water gets on the field. The rest amount of water evaporates and is derived from the old channels. A centralized program for development of agriculture aims to grow every year up to 2 million tons of cotton. It is necessary for water-intensive culture. Environmentalists fear that international players are not interested in the Aral sea. Now on the seabed drilled gas. In place of the fishing village are drilling rigs.Sea went to 110 kilometers. The ships that were at anchor, have become popular tourist attractions. They rusted and lying on its side. A few kilometres to the North of the existing dam. It was built in 2005 with assistance from the world Bank. The collected water from the Syr Darya, conquering areas of the lake and restoring the fishing industry.



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