In the Aral sea back water

Aralsk may return the lost status of the port harbour through implementation of the project "Regulation of the riverbed of the Syr Darya and preservation of Northern part of Aral sea", which takes place in Kazakhstan. Already managed to create the first man-made sea Small Aral.

Over the years the shallowing of the water is gone from the city at 150 kilometers. Today this distance was reduced to 17 miles. Together with the sea came the fish. Increased the volume of its production.

Until recently, many experts believed that the Aral sea is irretrievably lost, the drying had serious environmental consequences, was lost half of the gene pool of flora and fauna. Ceased to exist, shipping and fishing. Today the situation is changing dramatically.

"Fishing was engaged in my ancestors, now I do. It's our only source of income. A day catch 200-300 kilograms of fish," says fisherman ESET Nazarov.

"The Northern part of the Small Aral sea was supposed to fill with water in 36 months. In the framework of the project "Regulation of the riverbed of the Syr Darya and preservation of Northern part of Aral sea" in 2005, was built Kokaral jumper. It is possible to restore the Small Aral sea in just six months", — said the head of the Kyzylorda branch of the RSE "Casser" Marat Bozgunov.

In the 60-ies of the last century the Aral sea was an impressive pond with an area of about 70 thousand square kilometers. The sea, the volume occupied the fourth place after the Caspian sea, has lost three quarters of its volume and 60 percent of the water. But despite this, it would seem, irretrievably lost Aral today surprises the whole world.

"I saw the Aral sea 20 years ago. Then there was the desert and buried it ships. Today, everything is different. There was a lot of beautiful places. This is the first case in the world where people managed to save the whole sea. It's amazing!", — said an employee of French national broadcaster Isabel Maglan.

Today Kazakhstan project enters its second phase. According to experts, its further implementation will allow to increase three times the marine waters, but return to the city of Aral the lost status of the port.published


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