The disappearance of the Aral Sea

Half a century ago, the Aral Sea, or as it is respectfully called, the Aral Sea was the fourth largest inland body of water - salt lake, with a wealth of flora and fauna, which allows you to build here fish processing plants, ports, industrial communities, providing local residents work. Today, all of them empty as useless: the sea is gone, leaving their ships. Shallowing of the lake caused an increase in salt content - many species of game fish simply died. The Aral Sea can still be saved. And it does not matter which way it can be done. There was a project of changing the direction of the Siberian rivers: it was assumed that water Obi can restore the volume of water in a dried sea. However, this project, has not practiced since the Soviet era, and is now perceived as a fantasy, it is hardly feasible. However, the third attempt the construction of the dam Kokaral (the first two were destroyed) gradually returns hope people living here: the Small Aral Sea water level slowly rises, increasing the number of fish living here. But if the return Aral to their shores? Possible.


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