Football fan with the original tattoo

A little preface: 1994 Columbia team went to the World Cup in SShA.Tot staff was the best in team history. Coach of the team was Francisco Maturana. After qualifying tournament, which team had brilliantly Pele Other Colombians title. But his predictions did not come true, because "Kofeyschiki" is not even out of the group. In the match against the hosts of the tournament, the US team decided the fate of the team, because in Colombia 1 match was a bit Rumyniey.Na 34-minute meeting, interrupting chamber American John Harkes, defender Andres Escobar Colombia cut the ball into his own net. Colombia's national team could not recover from this blow and lost with a score of 1-2.
At home fans did not hide his disappointment. 10 days after the unfortunate own goal Andres Escobar and his girlfriend went to one of the bars of his native city of Medellin-futbolista.Zaschitnik led a peaceful conversation, when the institution is literally flew into the local guard Humberto Munoz. Immediately after learning player he drew his pistol and shouted in the silence instantly, "Escobar! Thank you for an own goal! "Then released in football sixteen pul.Odnu for drugoy.Pri He Accompanying each shot scream:" Gooooooooool! ", In the style of South American commentators. Humberto Munoz was sentenced to 43 years in prison, but he was released from prison eleven years after the accomplishment of the murder-for good behavior.
25-year-old football fan Felipe Alvarez decided to permanently memorialize Escobar, making a tattoo on his body with his T-shirt of the club "Atletico Nacional", looks very original.

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