15 powerful quotes of Leo Tolstoy, who incredibly relevant today ...

Unfortunately, it often happens that a carefully crafted curriculum instills no love for a particular subject, but on the contrary, completely kills him any interest. Many a story with Russian literature. Why else from school almost every used to think that Leo Tolstoy - this is sort of a bearded guy who has run away from civilization in the village, and there he loved to write their Talmud, that we then suffered by reading the lessons of these thick books.

The team of entertainment online edition wants to convince everyone, proving that Leo Tolstoy - that's cool. You can not even imagine how versatile this was a great writer! Could you once thought that Leo was the first who refused to copyright. Did you know that a well-known genius of the pen for not recognizing religious authority was excommunicated. Is you imagine that Tolstoy - is a gambler, a defender of the rights of peasants, a hater of money, the father 13 (!) Children, mentor Gandhi, a vegetarian, a fan of the occult, a madman, at the time refused the Nobel Prize. Here you can see how many new faces opened in brilliant writer! Today we publish for you 15 citations, which are intended to reveal to you Leo Tolstoy's quite a different, unknown side.

Perhaps these citations for you a completely new Tolstoy. His words are full of profound wisdom. As you can see, Tolstoy - is not only the author of the classic book "War and Peace", which we tearfully tried to overcome the school to the last page, and the landmark "Anna Karenina", the denouement of which they know, even those who go on foot under the table . Leo Tolstoy - a brilliant sage, the great truths which are relevant even today. Share it with quotes with all friends!

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