The ancient city of Shi Chen found under water

Kiendeo Lake (Chinese: 千島湖, translated the Thousand Islands Lake) - it is an artificial lake, which is located in the county Chun'en, Zhejiang in China. It was created after the construction of hydropower plants on the river Ksin'en in 1959. 1078 large islands and thousands of smaller dot the lake, which covers an area of ​​573 km ² and has a capacity of 17, 8 km ³. Islands in the lake covers approximately 86 square kilometers. The first underwater research flush the city took place in 2001, when it was discovered in the ruins saved about 265 arches. Lion City the size of 62 football fields.

International archaeologists said that the Lion City was underwater "time capsule." Wikipedia says: "At the foot of Wu Shi (five mountain lions) is an ancient city, known as Chi Chen (Lion City), built in the period of Dong Han (25 - 200), was first established as the 208th District and was named" Lion City "because of the Five Mountain Lions, who are sitting behind the city. The city remains inaccessible from the surface and at a depth of 26-40 m. " Operator IBM, located in Shanghai and organizes trips throughout the year in the city on weekends twice a month and deals with the disclosure of the lost city.

According to the National Geography, as the depth of the lake Kiendeo increased, and the lake is almost nothing can be seen, the city is located about 28 meters under water. With diving lamps in the supply of the city, located at a depth of 26-40 meters (85-131 feet), you can see anything at a distance of only two meters. During the dive it became clear that even the wooden beams and staircases remained intact.

At the Lion City was five city gates, each with a tower. Before he was buried under the water, there were six main streets of stone that were used to connect every corner of the city.

Intricate carvings etched on buildings, were found when the Chinese National Geography has published photos taken by archaeologists / divers reopening underwater "lost" city.

It was an ancient city in 2008.

Depression at the Thousand Islands Lake was the political and economic center of the region.

According to Our World, «The underwater city was decided to open for tourists. Special submarine height of 3, 8 meters long and 23 meters for up to 48 passengers worth over six million dollars was built to bring tourists to the underwater world. " As a proof-of-concept Archimedes bridge, under water it was the beginning of the construction of a floating tunnel, but it was not completed because of the likelihood "of underwater damage to structures." This photo was taken in January 2011, the submarine crew, together with the archaeologists, who fell into the water for research Kiendeo lake and the ancient city of Lion.

In the lake there is a chain Kiendeo 1,078 artificial large islands and thousands of smaller ones.

More than half a century ago it was flooded Chinese Lion City, also known as Chi Cheng. Recently, Chi Cheng studied by archaeologists, who was named "Lion City" as "rediscovered Atlantis China."

This photo Lake Thousand Islands from the air itself is interesting, but much more interesting is what is at the bottom in the Lost City of the Lion.

The valley was flooded in 1959 to create the lake dam project on the river Ksin'en. It - Hydroelectric Sinantszyan.

Before Chi Cheng has been flooded, 290,000 people had to be relocated out of the city, where their ancestors had lived for more than 1300 years.



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