Women rescued lions.

Triennial lion paralyzed as a result of the disease that caused the failure of the limbs. That is why the great beast, weighing 310 pounds (about 140 kilograms) hit the veterinary hospital of Sao Paulo Pereira to Libya. The vet says that the problem with the formula lion blood, white blood cells attack healthy kletki.Hozyaykoy lion is Rakuel Borges, who owns a shelter for sick and abandoned animals to fend for themselves in southern Brazil. She pays for the treatment of a lion, which costs 11,500 dollars a month with the help of donations. More than 34,250 people have expressed their desire to help the sick animal. Veterinarian Livia Pereira petting lion patient who is being treated at her clinic. 3 photos via

2. Sick Lion veterinary clinic

3. Rakuel visits paralyzed lion Ariel in the veterinary hospital of Sao Paulo, where the animal undergoing treatment, July 13.



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