"As I spend this summer ..." - the most striking works of modern children. Laugh not hold back!

Do you remember when planning your summer school? In the village with his grandmother in a camp on the sea ... Just plan your vacation today and advanced students. Just everything is much more global!

prepared for you a selection of the most amusing passages from the works of the students about their plans for the summer. I admit, it was hard to resist the wild laughter.

«I'll be all summer to read books to the fifth grade I got in Literature" Five ". And I will be three times a day to play the piano to the music school I had no problems with the Gavotte and Fughetta. No cartoons. There are no rivers and pryatok. Frankly I swear.
With Dad's words written down correctly.
Kozlov Ivan, son of police lieutenant Kozlov I. And. » I>

«I spend a good summer. I will appoint a security guard at a nudist beach, and spend a good summer! » I>

«... I really want to learn to swim in the summer on his own back. On my father's I can do. Yes, and at its most able. But the tone ... » i>

«In the summer I go to her grandmother in the village. The village called Beit Zera, is in Israel. The village is well: you can read books, play the violin and piano, eat. Good summer in Israel! » I>

«In the summer I have high hopes. I'm going to grow up to 20 cm, to pump large muscles, to learn karate. And in the fall, with new forces come to the guys on the solfeggio ... » i>

«From June 1 to July 15, my grandmother will pick berries, and from 16 July to 31 August - mushrooms. In addition, the scheduled mowing, and we will fatten a pig. And I'm going to stab her in the autumn holiday. Hurry summer passed and autumn came! .. » I>

«In the summer it will be possible to do what could not be done in the rest of the time. So I'll hump shvyrkat and slurp, pick your nose, biting his nails and burp all summer! » I>

«This summer I will go to the village to his girlfriend ...» i>

«Summer I've been waiting all year. First, I set fire to the school. Then kill matematichka and then geografichku and Trudoviks. And then I go to the river to wash the gold Viluy ... » i>

«I'm going to do all summer wood carving. Dad said if I do not fix four deuces, which go at me for a year, I spend the whole summer with pine trees near the jigsaw. My dad spent so himself a few years, but not for two, but for others. And he believes that this is the best way to understand the meaning of life. A deuce, I do not seem to fix ... » i>

«to be a harsh winter, it is necessary for her to get ready. In the past year, we have rolled up a total of 45 cans of strawberry and 9 bags of mushrooms at the rate of 5 cans and one bag a month. And it is not enough, because the winter was harsh and visitors twice came ». I>

«How I would spend the summer - nobody's business. This is a private matter, as the summer - my own time, I do not have to account for it in the book. It is necessary to respect the human prayvisi! And if you do put a bad mark for this work, then we are with you, Lyudmila Petrovna, see you in Court. You cause to the agenda, and I am already there, and so I will be in other cases. But for some - this is my personal matter and nobody's business! » I>

«I want to throw a three-month cargo daily worries and be ordinary frivolous woman.
Olga P, 8 years ». I>

Here they are - modern kids. All caring, but in the summer ... and just - the only time when you can break away! Share these children with all the works of their parents, let nasmeyutsya enough!

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