More than 1,000 people affected by the epidemic of laughter

January 30, 1962, in a school in Tanzania 3 girls started laughing for no reason. Laughter quickly spread to the rest of the students aged 12 to 18 years. By the end of the day we have 95 of the 159 students suffer from ongoing bouts of laughter. Over time, the laughter only increased. School had to close. The duration of attacks reached several months of continuous laughter. From laughing children infected with the neighborhood kids in the villages. Then the epidemic spread to another school, where the number of infected children was 48. The symptoms manifest in children infected with a laugh: pain, fainting, breathing problems, skin rashes, crying spells, involuntary cries. In total, by the epidemic, which lasted several months, affected more than 1,000 children. Further investigation could not determine the cause of laughter. There were no abnormalities in the body laughing children were found. Sudden and unexplained bouts of laughter started to get weaker, and then completely stopped.

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