102-year-old schoolgirl

resident Tsiznan city in the Chinese province of Shandong for the first time went to school in 102 years, reports Ananova citing local newspaper Qilu Evening Post. Chinese woman named Ma Syusian dreamed about school life, which forced her to start working 13 years, and 18 - to get married. The ability to go to school Ma Syusian provided one of the schools in which the old woman knew about the dream of an interview given to her local newspaper. With this 102-year-old Chinese woman for one day I became a student of the first class: in class, to hear better, she used the hearing and reading books - lupu.

According to the publication, Ma Syusian gave birth to nine children, most of whom have received higher education. The woman's son, 58-year-old and Fensin, said that as a child his mother even sold the jewelry to send children to school. After a day at school Syusian Ma thanked the teacher and classmates, and promised to study hard. According Fensinya And, to go to school was the first dream of his mother. See also: American Barbara Soper had children 08.08.2008, 09.09.2009 and 10.10.2010 The oldest man in the world was 256 years old. The smallest man found in the Nepalese village.

Source: www.anspress.com/index.php?a=2&lng=ru&nid=36087


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