To give birth to up to 15: Most young mothers Russia and their fate

About 29-year-old Natalia Knyazkova from the small town of Bor in the Nizhny Novgorod region in recent days have told dozens of news media. The woman became famous all over the country thanks to its 14-year-old daughter Anastasia. The girl gave birth to a son, Nikita, making the mother of the youngest grandmother in Russia. By the way, here it is, the record-holder with his grandson in his arms. And in the background - the husband of Natalia, who in his 34 years grandfather


In an interview with reporters Natalia admitted that the appearance of a very happy grandson and now with her husband plans to arrange guardianship and help educate baby daughter, while she and her 17-year-old gentleman - the boy's father - do not finish school

. Such cases are not uncommon in Russia. And not every young mother everything goes peachy.

< Val Isayev Kapotnya. I gave birth in 11 years

Record the youngest mother Russia for 10 years belongs to Valentina Isayeva Kapotnya of the Moscow region. The story of this girl is probably one of the most famous. Mother Valya began when she was just 11 years old.

Schoolgirl pregnant by 17-year-old migrant worker from Tajikistan Habib Patahonova. The young man rented a room in an apartment, where Val lived with her grandmother. When treteklassnitsy pregnancy was revealed, the guy brought a criminal case, but the young man did not go to jail. "Romeo and Juliet from Kapotnya" - so dubbed journalists couple - were able to convince the public and law enforcement agencies to enable them to start a family, to raise the child and marry (when Val gets older, of course). Born girl named Amina. For several years, the child's grandmother raised Wali, a young father helped her in this.

In 2010, Habib and Valentine, which by that time had already turned 17, married. The wedding was played in a big way - in a posh restaurant in central Moscow. According to the young man said, to organize a magnificent celebration helped him "friends of the FSBĀ».

And after three years, the couple had a second child - Amir. By the time the young family had settled in the old grandmother's apartment in Kapotnia. Valentina got a job at the store clerk, and Habib -. Storekeeper

In one of his last interviews Habib Valea and assured journalists that their life runs like clockwork. Gradually, the interest of the press to "Romeo and Juliet from Kapotnya" faded, and the neighbors whispering ceased.

To remind of itself an unusual family in the beginning of last summer - in June, when Habib went to the police with a statement about his wife's disappearance. In the end it turned out that the girl is not lost, but simply ran away from home. Reporters found Valya her friend. During an interview with fugitive confessed its eastern fairy tale is over, and she ran away from home because of the systematic beatings

. "I went to her friends, to live at home can not, because my husband constantly beats. He kept me for two weeks at home and do not let out, so I can not remove the beatings. But we are still together, divorce is not going to "- said journalists woman LifeNews

. According to Vale, married to Habib began to crumble because of his jealousy. Out of this situation is the young Russian mother (now the girl only 21 years old) is not found.

< Alexander Gladkovskaya, Vladimir region. I gave birth in 15 years

The history of the town Sasha Gladkovskaya Kostereva Vladimir region devoid of romance at all. The girl became a mother in 2012 at age 15, but unlike Wali Isayeva schoolgirl found no support from the family. Learning about pregnancy daughter, 35-year-old mother Sasha began to insist on an abortion.

"I was ready to do anything, pay any money, so she had an abortion" - says the mother of Alexandra Maria

. However schoolgirl refused, not knowing what to expect this turn of history after the birth.

Once the child was born (Alexandra gave birth to a boy), the life of a schoolgirl and her mother has turned into a series of constant squabbling and scandals. The father of a baby in the story did not appear - she keeps his identity secret

. Two years later, a young grandmother said it is dissatisfied with the way the daughter brings up the boy, put Sasha out of the apartment and began to seek the deprivation of parental rights of the girl to pick up the baby itself. The story of the division of a boy who is already 3 years old, his mother and grandmother continued.

Veronika Ivanova, Yakutia. I gave birth in 12 years

sixth-grade schoolgirl from Yakutia Veronica Ivanova became a mother in 2009. The girl was only 12. Prior to the birth she miraculously managed to hide from their parents, and teachers to their position.

"Veronica has always been a chubby kid, so we did not pay attention to her stomach, thinking that she just recovered", - he told reporters director of the school where the girl studied

. The fact that the school girl pregnant, parents learned only shortly before delivery. Veronica complained of acute abdominal pain, and the doctors of "first aid" stated: the girl will give birth soon

. In the meantime, 12-year-old schoolgirl was in the hospital, the police involved in the search for the child's father. They found it quickly. They found 19-year-old girl friend of Valery. The young man, by the way, has been repeatedly convicted for drug trafficking.

"I do girlfriends jealous that I have a grown gentleman" - says Veronica

. However, the adult gentleman did not become a schoolgirl lawful spouse. Valeria was sentenced to 8 years for sexual abuse of minors. However, the young mom is not very upset, and some time after the birth of a child, which began to bring the grandmother, has acquired a new boyfriend. And later he went to study at night school.

"I love my daughter, and is happy that it I had. You'll see, all I'll be fine, "- said in an interview with Veronika Ivanova, two years after the birth of a child

Luba Bessudnova, Saratov region.. I gave birth in 14 years

Childhood schoolgirl from Saratov region Luba Bessudnovoy ended in 2013. At age 14, an exemplary high school student became a mother - gave birth to a boy


To everyone's surprise, it turned out that Lyuba gave birth to her math teacher - 24-year-old married man

. Becoming a father teacher did not plan, so long denied any involvement in the emergence of the baby born. However, genetic analysis showed the opposite. But even after that, the man did not agree to recognize paternity. Bickering young mothers and confident of his innocence teachers ended up in court.

Six months after the birth of the child, the teacher was sentenced to 4 years. Instil kid took his grandmother - his mother Luba. The girl continues in school.

The youngest mother in the world

In 1939, the youngest in the world became the mother of the girl Lina Medina of Peru. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 5 years. This case was documented and is unique in its kind in the medical history.

About how it happened that the five year old girl has become a mother, history is silent. Lina gave birth to her second child only 33 years later. Today, the possessor of the records in '81, and she lives in Lima - Peru's capital

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