4 useful advises women on how to lose weight after giving birth

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Most new mothers are faced with a serious problem - they have a weight. In fact, it is quite natural, since pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding in the body there are some changes, but every woman wants to look great in any situation. Here are some tips on how to lose weight after giving birth without harm to health.

1. Proper nastroenieNe secret that during pregnancy and immediately after birth young mothers are often susceptible to depression, mood swings, or even self-pity. All this is quite natural: first, there is a change in hormone levels, which affects the mood, and secondly, young mothers become practically taken out of society, which also plays a role.

Food helps to cope with such phenomena, so many young mothers often allow themselves an extra chocolate bar, which affects the weight. What can be done?

To begin with - to realize that "seize" a bad mood does not turn. It is much easier, despite the fact that you must constantly take care of the baby, still find time for yourself - or hire a nanny to discuss the situation with his girlfriend, who also recently had a baby. It is best to even agree with her that she will follow the two babies, and in return offer to do the same for her.

And most importantly - try not to succumb to depression, it is easier than it seems at first glance. Use the positive statements: I have a beautiful healthy baby, caring loving husband, loyal friends and stuff.

2. Mode dnyaNepravilny daily routine - one of the main problems faced by young mothers. The fact that the pace of life after pregnancy is almost entirely dependent on the rhythm of life of the baby when the baby is awake, my mother, of course, almost all the free time to devote to it, often forgetting to eat on time. But as soon as the child goes to sleep, hunger, by itself, makes itself felt. The result - too much food at a time, and as a result, extra weight, plus the constant fatigue.

It is better to eat often, four or five times a day, along with the baby - ten minutes to eat, you can always find. We should not forget that it is not necessary for a child to eat up: in his first years of life needs all the nutrients enriched food, but for the mother such food is hardly suitable.

3. Physical nagruzkiOdnoy of the main causes of obesity is lack of exercise - lack of movement. If you do not do regulyarnofizicheskimi exercise, you will gain weight even with the proper nutrition.

Ironically, the exercise can be combined with caring for the baby, for example, you can make long walks with him - it will be good for mother and child. While walking, you can engage in sports hodboy- an hour of brisk walking lost the same amount of calories as a couple of hours training on simulators. Just do not forget that the shoes for a walk should be as comfortable and back should be kept straight.

4. PitanieMolodaya mom (especially with respect to nursing mothers) must be getting rich in trace elements, vitamins and minerals food. If there is too much "for two", not necessarily - milk production depends not on the amount of food consumed and the frequency of breastfeeding.

All you need - it's a little rethink their approach to nutrition. For example, it is not necessary to give up milk - just go to the low-fat, 0, 5%. Hard cheese can be replaced with soft cheese like mozzarella or and sausages - on baked in the oven turkey fillet. And be sure to eat the soup at least once a day.

It is important to give up caffeinated drinks, even if you are very fond of them. But the water, on the contrary, you should drink as much as possible: a glass of water, drunk 15 minutes before feeding the baby, how to help save the milk, and dull the false sense of hunger.

Slimming young mother will also need to find a harmless and effective means. Perfectly suitable for these purposes innovative drug to reduce weight and keep «XL-S Medical», useful for creating and maintaining a good figure. Suppose you and your child will be healthy!

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