During World War II, 22,000 Japanese people under the influence of propaganda at the same time committed suicide

Terrifying example of "brainwashing" civilians spetssluzhbami

The Japanese committed mass suicide in an attempt to challenge the US government, as the imperial army distributed among the local population of promotional material, from which it followed that if they get captured by the Americans, those are they mercilessly tortured and killed.

Most islanders rushed to the sea or jumped from the high cliffs. Soldiers of the US Army have seen whole families thrown into the water with a 250-meter cliff near Cape Marpi, the extreme northern point of the island. Who is this rock known as "Suisayd Cliff," which can be translated as "Cliff Suicide" or "Bandzay Cliff" because falling into the sea, the inhabitants of the island were shouting "Tenno Heike bandzay" (in Japanese " Long live the Emperor! ยป).

First, the older children help the younger jump, senior pushed to the edge of the mother, and then they went to follow along with their fathers.

Today this place is a Buddhist monument and memorial in the memory of the victims.

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