The occupation of 1941-1944 as the Germans tried

The Great Patriotic War - a war of ideologies. Germany Model 1941 set itself the goal is not only to win a certain number of areas. For Hitler was important not only to impose its territorial domination, but also ideologically subjugate the conquered territories. For this "high" goal to use all available tools in the arsenal, from flyers to newspapers and radio broadcasts. In 1941-1944 in Ukraine came out more than 100 occupational newspapers in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

News s apartment's Fіrera

Ukrainian legal press time occupation of the German invaders played the role of a large wall newspaper campaign. Even the news from the front in a column entitled "s apartment's News Fіrera." Fascist propaganda put more emphasis on the fact that Germany had no conqueror but as liberator of the "Judeo-Bolshevik" yoke.

Propaganda in Ukraine on the basis of "gentlemen-servants»

Thanks to the experience that Germany acquired in previous conquests, invading the lands of the Soviet Union was planned with great care. Before the start of the invasion Goebbels (approx. Aut. - Paul Joseph Goebbels - statesman and political leader of Nazi Germany, Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Germany, 1933-1945.) Was equipped with the necessary number of valuable suggestions in the directives of propaganda in Russia from June 5, 1941: "There is no anti-socialism, no return of tsarism, not to speak openly about the dismemberment of the Russian state (otherwise embitter tuned Great Russian army), to oppose Stalin and his Jewish cronies, land - to peasants, but the collective is to preserve, to save the harvest. Very accuse Bolshevism, to expose its failures in all fields ».

Such ideas found their reflection in the military orders. On the eve of war, the command of the Wehrmacht were issued "Guidelines on the use of propaganda version of" Barbarossa ", which, along with the prohibition of dissemination of information about intentions to dismember the Soviet Union, is also forbidden to put a question on the section of the earth and the dissolution of the collective farms.

Before the start of "Operation Barbarossa" (approx. Aut. - 06.12.1941 years) propaganda minister noted in his diary: "It will be printed about fifty million leaflets ... packing produce 45 soldiers who before the operation will not be released." Along with this, Goebbels ordered to make posters depicting the good attitude of German soldiers to the indigenous population. According to him, "Eastern man knows only system in which there are masters and servants", so the style of posters should be different from those that spread the West.

More than 1 million Soviet people to work for the Nazis

In the spring of 1941 with the cooperation of the two ministries - the propaganda and the Occupied Eastern Territories - it was organized by a special institution called "Bineta" (or "Vineta"). It is directly involved in the development and translation of promotional materials for the Red Army and the Soviet population. Later this department was charged with propaganda in the camps for prisoners of war and "ostarbeiters." In 1944, it employs approximately 400 people of Aryan descent and more than 1, 5 thousand translators from the countries to which the activity was intended "Binet».

It is worth noting that the number of Soviet collaborators (approx. Aut. - Collaboration (fr. Collaboration - Cooperation) in the legal interpretation of international law - a conscious, voluntary and deliberate collaboration with the enemy, to his advantage and to the detriment of the state. The term is more often used in a more the narrow sense - as a collaboration with the occupiers) in the Wehrmacht, SS and police units amounted to over one million people.

The system of propaganda included lower levels of occupational administration - mayor, mayors and other officials. There were special schools propaganda and their visit was considered a must for teachers, doctors and employees of the occupied territories. Most aid in outreach activities in the occupied territories have played the local media, usually paper.

Everyone knows that any situation, any way of life, every action can be displayed in diametrically opposite ways. What you need to do? Nothing special, just the power of the writing fraternity.

It is now, in the days of mobile phones and the Internet public opinion is formulated under the influence of a huge number of sources - only manage to choose! And during the Second World War, the choice was very limited: or gossip and rumors that reached from the front, or a radio address to the workers, or the written word, which, by the way, was completely subordinated to the objectives of the occupiers. Germany has succeeded in a very anti-Soviet agitation. It was a kind of a second war and the Germans to fight the Soviets on two fronts (outside and inside)

Newspapers in the service of the German occupiers

In the early days of World War II into the hands of the Wehrmacht propaganda played the trust of the Soviet people to the printed word, lack of alternative sources of information. To attract readers who are accustomed to respect the local publications, frequently logo and name was left unchanged. "Voice of the People" published in Smolensk, "For the Motherland" - in the bottom of the Leningrad region, "Belgorod truth" - in Belgorod, etc.

For example, weekly Druzhkovka Donetsk Region "Druzhkіvske word" propaganda began with the following appeal to readers' population Druzhkіvki musit Buti maintained upstream poіnformovane about that Borotba, yak Veda for freedom i maintained upstream maybutne usієї Єvropi nіmetske vіysko; vono tsіkavitsya timey uspіhami new Zhittya, yak rozpochalosya pid steadfast i dobrozichlivoyu receptionists nіmetskoї Vladi skrіz on Ukraїnі. Vono pochuvaє currently warehouses chastinkoyu one tsіlogo - ukraїnskoї natsії Hoca i CAME rozpovіsti іnshim mіstam Ukraine about his Prace, svoї uspіhi ».

NKVD Germans closer together with the Ukrainians

Soviet underground fighter KY Mette recalled: "Fascist propaganda made very heavy emphasis on the fact that in the USSR there is almost no family that would be someone from the family or relatives has been convicted or would be persecuted by the NKVD. It proved to be one of the most winning trump cards in the hands of the Nazis, as almost all of the population agree with this, although later and said that the Germans their massacres, unprecedented in human history, the Bolsheviks left far behind ».

In 1941-1944 in Ukraine came out more than 100 occupational newspapers in Ukrainian and Russian languages. In the Mykolaiv region periodicals occupation existed in Voznesensk ("New time"), in Pervomaisk ("Nove life", "Pribuzhski visti"), Kherson ("Voice Dnipra"). In neighboring Odessa, the newspaper "rumor" in Russian, and two newspapers - «DerHanpl» and «DeutscheBygZeitung» - in German.

In total, according to a report in the newspaper "New word» (№ 59 dated July 26, 1942), in the occupied eastern areas by this time there was 140 newspapers in nine languages. Published 7 German newspapers, 15 Estonian, 21 Latvian, 11 Lithuanian, 1 Polish, Belarusian 6, 18 Russian, 60 Ukrainian and 1 Tatar. Another 50 newspapers, as promised "new word", were to be revealed in the near future.
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Much of the Nazi newspaper of this amount accounted for the occupied region of Donbass, where, according to available data, came out the following periodicals: "Bahmutskiy Bulletin" (Artemovsk, the beginning of 1942), "Bakhmutskaya Gazeta" (Artemovsk, 1942- 1943), "The Voice of Donbass" (Gorlovka, 1941-1944), "Debaltsevsky Bulletin" (beginning of 1942), "Donetsk Bulletin" (Stalino, 1941-1943), "Donetsk newspaper" (Slavyansk , 1941), "Konstantinovsky News" (1941-1943), "the newspaper Mariupol" (1941-1943), "New Life" (Mr. Chistyakov, the beginning of 1942), "Snezhnyanskiy Vestnik" (the beginning of 1942 ), "Ukrainian Donbass" (Gorlovka, mid-1942), "Khleborob" (Volnovaha, mid-1942), "Shakhtinskiy Vestnik" (of Mines, 1943), "Echo of the Azov Sea" ( Mariupol, 1942-1943), in Ukrainian - "Nove life" (g Vorochilovgrad, 1942-1943).

"Outstanding" collaborators of the OUN and the "crowns" German propaganda

Actively published in the press occupying the ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism, one of the founders of the OUN Andrew Miller. July 4, 1943 "Donetsk Bulletin" published the tab "Ukrainian volunteer" article of Mr. Miller's "outstanding": "The Tіlki one hto correctly zrozumіv force natsіonalnoї єdnosti, Mauger zgurtuvati svіy narіd i lead to Borotba for zdіysnennya naykraschih іdealіv lyudstva. Such was Lyudin yavlyaєtsya now Nіmechchinі Gіtler ... Now, if I dіznavsya about Zhittya nіmetskogo people, if zrozumіv spravzhnyu are natsіonal-sotsіalіzmu in Me korіnnim rank zmіnivsya svіtoglyad; I pobachiv All pravdivіst of Shlyakhov, Yakima іde Єvropa whole. " It is unlikely that after this can be argued that Miller headed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists by 1943 the Nazis had nothing to do ...

Occupational press actively publish and theoretical work of Ukrainian nationalism. "Donetsk Bulletin", for example, reprinted December 18, 1941 article by Dmitry Dontsov of the "Judeo-Bolshevik national policy in Ukraine," this: "The literature, poetry, cinema and theater - all this led the Jews to kill the soul of the Ukrainian people and to instill in him the consciousness of the Ukrainian nation, in fact, never existed. " Interesting metamorphoses, however, happening now with the biography of the "theoretician": they write that during the occupation of Mr. Dontsov "was in exile in Germany." On one of the nationalist sites can even read that "pursued by the Gestapo" Dontsov moved to Berlin ...! Well, where else would go from persecution by the Gestapo?

Another newspaper of the time, "Dunaєvskі Visti", shows us another aspect of German propaganda. Almost all of the first page has been reserved for the official reports of the German High Command, which were printed in the category with Bol than eloquent title "Z golovnoї apartment's Fіrera" and reported on the progress of the army offensive Reich and Soviet losses in men and materiel.

We must pay tribute to the leadership of Germany, they knew what the pain points nationalist press to collaborationist sentiments firmly taken root in the minds of not strong. Even the faintest hint of the possibility of Ukraine's independence sometimes enough to make people believe in the tale about the liberators from the communist yoke. Nationalists have created a variety of paper at a rate admirable ("Zvіlnena Ukraine", "Vіlny hour", "Nove life", "New Ukraine»).

For example, in the newspaper "Golden Trident" (Kalush) was described accurately enough attitude to Stalin these lines: "Hto Knows іstorіyu Ukraine, hto in zv'yazku orієntuєtsya Bodai descho in іstorії Russie, hto Bodai Troch vzhiєtsya in psihіku rosіyskogo people. That nіyak not podivuєtsya poyavі Stalіna tsіy krovozhernіy bestії dvadtsyatogo storіchchya. Tsomu zvirodnіlomu tiranovі, yaky all Svit hotіv bring to tsіlkovitoї ruїni to decline ».

The Nuremberg Trials: Journalists - the first in the list of intellectuals collaborators

I think everybody has long been understood that the methods of work of the German and the Soviet Union were similar, because the policy of positivism (concealing bad news and a conscious focus on the positive aspects) is widely practiced in both countries. But do not forget who initiated the hostilities that for the Soviet people was delayed for many years 4.

If life as a raw appendage of Germany was so beautiful and Hitler acted as a liberator of the "Judeo-Bolshevik" attacks, why the enemy was so afraid of the Soviet people, which imposed a curfew and for any misconduct, as reported by the omnipresent media, "Buda punish" ?

In 1954, the executive committee of the organization "Amnesty International", which conducted its activities within the framework of the Nuremberg trials, at its meeting in Antwerp decided: "... all the cultural, to actively cooperate in the war with fascist regimes, equated to war criminals and to consider them partners mass genocide of the peoples affected by the Nazi aggression. " The document provides a list of occupations intellectuals collaborators in ascending order recessive fault. The journalists are on the list in the first place.

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