After a failed suicide attempt Englishman Graham for many years feels dead

"Since you want to talk to a dead patient"

57-year-old Englishman named Graham nine years ago survived an unsuccessful suicide attempt (he dropped into a water bath bared wires connected to an electrical outlet), and eight months later told his family doctor, that feels dead and nothing can do about it. According to Graham, it seems that the brain was burned when his electric shock.

«I do not feel the taste and smell. I did not want to have to talk, even thought there were not any. I did not want to live among the people, everything was meaningless, "- he describes his feelings Graham.


Convince the man failed, he kept saying that was the dead man, said he spends a lot of time at the cemetery because he wants to be close to death, and the doctor decided to show unusual patient neurologists Adam Zeman from Exeter University in the UK and Steven Loreysu of the University of Liège ( Belgium).

As later told Loreys:

«This is the first time in my practice: The Secretary reported that wants to talk to me a patient who is dead." Scientific luminaries consulted and by the method of positron emission tomography, first used in similar deviations diagnosed Graham disorder called Cotard delusion (delusion Cotard, after the French neurologist the XIX-th century, Jules Cotard in 1880 first described the symptoms of the disease ), as it is known as a "walking corpse syndrome».

blockquote> Zeman and Loreys found that in the brain Graham greatly reduced metabolic activity of the parietal and frontal zones, if the patient is "sedated».

«It was something like anesthesia or deep sleep. The first time I saw such a brain activity in the waking man, "- says Stephen Loreys.

blockquote> Adam Zeman suggests that the cause of the syndrome could be Kotar antidepressants that Graham took to overcome the protracted doldrums.

Case Graham interested many neurologists, such as Daniel Bohr, an employee of the University of Sussex (UK), believes that the results of tomography confirmed the symptoms of mental illness, but for a full study requires data on other similar patients, and Steven Loreys adds that such unusual symptoms to better understand the , how our consciousness.

Gradually, after a number of therapy sessions and procedures Graham began to feel much better, his condition has stabilized:

«I would not say that a full recovery, but now at least I can live, though sometimes still appear strange feeling».



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