Rise if the level of the oceans?

difficult to say how seriously the world attended to the problem of global warming, taking into account the very real action, not talk. But climatologists are convinced done in any case not enough. According to their calculations, if the average temperature in the near future still rise by 2 degrees (which seemed only imaginary threat, and now has become real), the sea level rise by 20 meters. His thoughts on the subject, scientists, published in Geology. Researchers used isotopic analysis of sediments, taking as a reference three points on the map: Virginia (USA), New Zealand, Eniwetok atoll (which is located in the North Pacific). There they produced deep foundation rocks that lay in the depths of up to 5 million years - and have witnessed higher temperatures than those with which we are dealing today. Having studied the isotopic composition found rocks (sediments foraminifera), climate scientists were able to calculate the level of the world's oceans, as it was at +2 to the current level. It turned out that with a probability of almost 100 per cent level of the ocean has to be + 10-20m to what we have now. However, it is worth noting that climate scientists are hoping that the process will not be too fast: the level will rise a few thousand years. However, this "optimistic" scenario that is possible in case nature will clearly follow ... human logic and our calculations. See also: Internet increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. N. pole 2000 and 2010. 400 000 beads in the fight against ultraviolet radiation.

Source: scienceblog.ru/2012/03/20/klimatologi-predskazyvayut-uroven-mirovogo-okeana-mozhet-podnyatsya-na-20-metrov/


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