All this grunge!

The style that contrasted throughout most glamorous and glossy that is in vogue. Rebellious, simple and at the same time difficult to implement - all grunge!

Briefly style

Style - a protest, style - abrasion wash looks, style - expensive simplicity.

For whom

For those to whom the world of glamor glossy glow stones and perfect skin seems to not be so attractive. For those who are not afraid to go against stereotypes. For those who want to be special in their old simplicity. For those who understand the charm of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

Features of the style to which you should pay attention

Colors - black, indigo, gray. Nothing particularly bright, muted tones. The brightness is possible only in makeup and in lipsticks.

Materials - leather, denim, corduroy. What is remarkable, for all the apparent simplicity of style and his "bomzhovitosti" for clothing used expensive materials, not second-class counterparts. Therefore grunge characterized by excellent quality with foreign unsightly.

Silhouettes - free, oversayz, eclectic and multi-layered.

Accessories - to a minimum. Points, a variety of small bracelets made of wood, iron or filaments, conventional suspension possible.

Shoes - Timberland, Martins, simple shoes and even ballet flats - fans grunge style is sure to have in your wardrobe such shoes. But Martins Timberland or should be in the wardrobe of every girl at all (and girls).

Main items of clothing - leather jackets, faded jeans, oversayz shirt, T-shirt, who looked 10 years old, rough boots, denim vest.

Details - especially can distinguish what followers of grunge often paint the ends of their hair in bright colors. I think it's a great experience, but who is in Russia on a dare? Unless coloring shampoo.

Examples wardrobe

1. The creators of sets are very fond of this T-shirt with the word Nirvana. Stir it here and there, of course, it is not necessary, but you should pay attention to the bow - it's a denim vest and tights in a grid. You can even break them. It will not look vulgar, because the emphasis on sexuality in this way is not. However, if every piece of your wardrobe is less than ten thousand - to tear pantyhose is not necessary. I would not have vomited anyway, still I was born in New York City.

2. Here I am satisfied with the combination of jackets and shoes, but jeans, despite the fact that I do not like, are an excellent reflection of grunge style. Feeling as if they slap paint.

3. can be noted in grunge love red and black cell (tartan). I am a very negative attitude to it, probably because all my informal youth carried by this unfortunate tartan, but the objective reasons for this dislike of print there. Especially the leading fashion houses in the collections have also used tartan.

4. Here it is, the perfect wardrobe. Oversayz shirt and sweatshirt, tattered denim shorts and like an old leather bag.


Meiko does not require a perfect tone complexion. Meiko did not require anything perfect. Do not bother with a highlighter and Shimmer - nobody is interested in a healthy color and a clean face shine. Shadows without sparkles. Preferably black. Is there any simple Smoky Aes. And the bright lipstick. The elemental make-up.

However, do not rule out grunge no visible makeup.


For example, the designer Paul Smith, some clothes from his collection perfectly fits the description of grunge. Add to still frayed jeans.

And here it is beautifully presented ekletichnost and layering. Besides hair, both on grunge - as if just awakened.

Generation X

Lovers grunge-style clothes, of course, more likely to be fans of the group Nirvana. Cobain himself played grunge and walked across the fashion in those years of crisis. Its style and spirit are still in the hearts of young people who enthusiastically listened to the song with a nostalgic name of "A breath of youth" and does not believe Courtney Love - lowered girl.

A brief excursion into the style of grunge conducted successfully. Now only the choice is yours - go this way or to continue the search for his identity.


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