Horror movies. What's left overs

You probably wonder how the shooting took place famous thrillers and horror movies after watching for a long time that we were afraid to turn off the lights. I offer you a great selection of rare footage from the shooting of famous horror films and thrillers that demonstrate a friendly atmosphere on the set. Steven Spielberg on the set of jaws in the "Jaws».

Hannibal Lector and fries.

Johnny Depp with a cigarette and a toy gun in the film "Sleepy Hollow».

Twins in the film "The Shining».

On the set of the film "The Birds».

Nick Castle in the role of Mike Myers.

On the set of the movie "Silence of the Lambs».

Clown Pennivayz filming "It».

Alfred Hitchcock and Janet Leigh in the film "Psycho».


The film "Night of the Living Dead».

In between filming "Friday the 13th? ..

"The Wolf Man" in 1941.

In the film "The Exorcist»


"The Shining».

Heath Ledger on the set of "The Dark Knight».

"Rosemary's Baby».

And again, "The Shining».


"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2».

"Child's Play».


"Pet Sematary».

"Frankenstein" drinking tea in between filming.

Freddy Krueger fun on the set of the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street».

Leonardo DiCaprio in the film "Critters 3».

"Critters 3».


Shark from the movie "Jaws».

A break between filming "Aliens».

Wes Craven shows Drew Barrymore knife in the film "Scream».

Drew Barrymore "okrovavlivayut" in the film "Scream».

Pennivayz of "It" is resting on the porch.

Frame with the filming of "The Fly».

"King Kong vs. Godzilla».

"Incredible Shrinking Man».

"Young Frankenstein».

Filming of "The Gates».

Linda Blair with his double robot.

Source: vova-91.livejournal.com


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