Photo excursion to places of filming a horror movie

Excellent walk to places of filming the famous horror films. Fans of the genre will definitely be delighted. Look;)

"Friday the 13th»

Remember the famous maniac in a hockey mask?
In the first of a series of horror film "Friday the 13th" (1980)
Jason with a machete in his hand gutting their victims in the camp "Crystal Lake».
Camping, where it carried out the shooting actually exists, only it's called No-Be-Bo-Sco.
It is located in the state of New Jersey, near the town of Blerstoun, and every summer in his cottage
(Those where they filmed scenes of murder) stop dozens of Boy Scouts.
By the way, if you are an ardent fan of the epic, you can order
special souvenir that will come to you straight from the camp.

"The Shining»

Action horror, in which the main role played by Jack Nicholson, takes place in the hotel "Overlook".
Stephen King (the film was shot on his novel), "wrote off" this hotel with the hotel "Stanley»,
inspired him during the rest of the Rockies.
However, the filming took place in a very different place - in shtate Oregon.
The band were only views of the hotel from the outside, the interior scenes were filmed in a studio.
That did not stop fans of "The Shining" flooded Ski Resort after the film.
It's funny that scary room originally from the film was number 217,
However, the owner of "Timberline" asked the directors to change the number on the supposedly non-existent (№237),
he did not seem to guests' cursed ».

"Blair Witch»

The film, shot on amateur camera, tells the story of three college students kinootdeleniya,
who lost in the dense forests of Maryland.
The boys studied the legend of the Blair Witch, devoting her graduate work.
Movies get the most realistic:
its creators have long argued that the tape was mounted from the videotape,
accidentally found in the forest, and the characters themselves - were missing and probably killed.
Naturally, this was a ploy to attract viewers, but a place of filming
really become a neighborhood town Vёrkvitstvil
- The same one which had long run eerie legends. They say, for example,
that in the 40s the last century in the local woods hosted
maniac who killed dozens of people under the influence of witches.
The shooting took place in the National Park of Maryland called Seneca Creek State.


Nearly 600 liters of artificial blood took the creators of this horror,
telling about the rest three students in Western Europe.
Concluding his "tour", naive Americans finally decide to hang in Bratislava,
where they live - as a casual friend assures them - hundreds
beautiful and all consonants girls. Ends this trip, of course, is not a happy ending, and the meat grinder.
Despite the fact that the film takes place in Slovakia,
street shooting took place in the Czech Republic - the towns of Cesky Krumlov and Milovice.
And the scenes of torture were shot in the northern district of Prague called Bohnice,
in an abandoned mental hospital, built in the Neo-Baroque style.

"Silence of the Lambs»

While investigating a series of murders committed by a serial killer nicknamed "Buffalo Bill»,
FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster)
He appealed for help to the killer-cannibal Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins).
In one scene, she visited the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh,
to meet with entomologist and understand what kind of insect leaves
culprit in the throat of his victims. Shooting scene took place in one of the laboratories of the museum,
which is among the largest in the United States.
In particular, it is one of the best collections of dinosaur skeletons in the world.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street»

Freddy Krueger, the villain in the filthy striped sweater and battered hat,
It is operating in the fictional town of Springwood.
Shooting of the film (the first in a series of horror films about Freddy) were in the suburbs of Los -Andzhelesa.
For example, the scenes at the school where I studied heroes "Nightmare," starring
in the real-life John Marshall High School,
and Tina's house was the house number 620 on the street Milwood Avenue. However, the most
very popular among fans of the movie series still
Thompson uses the house where she was Nancy. It's funny that in reality
the house has the same number as the cine on Elm Street - №1428.


Heartbreaking scene late in the film, when detectives Mills (Brad Pitt) and
Somerset (Morgan Freeman) open horrible box,
It was removed under elektrovyshkami in California.
In general, almost all were shot thriller in Los Angeles, but found it impossible to picture:
Firstly, the creators of the "Seven" did not want it to be a particular town on the map of the US, and secondly,
We make the most gloomy colors.


One of the worst movies of the last century (which, incidentally, has received two "Oscars»)
Washington starred in The main character paintings
- A little girl Regan, which infuses the devil. First, the whole family
baby worn by doctors, to understand what happened to her,
after which, having lost all hope, he refers to exorcist.
Much of the film was shot in the oldest district of the American Dzhordzhtaune-
capital with ancient buildings, antique shops,
bookstores and aligned in the Gothic style buildings of Georgetown University.
After the release of "The Exorcist" cine main attraction
the area has become a rock lestnitsa- the very,
which fell at the end of the film the father Karras. Sometimes called the "ladder Exorcist».

"Rosemary's Baby»

The horror film Roman Polanski (about a young couple who is expecting a baby, and a series of mystical events)
starred in the infamous Dakota building,
on the island of Manhattan. However, at the time of filming (1968) it was just a nice luxury house.
The world's attention The Dakota attracted 12 years later,
when he was murdered by her most famous resident - John Lennon.
Offender waylaid "Beatle" next to the house, and then released
his back five shots, two of which were fatal.


American remake of the Japanese horror film, grossed
$ 250 million, was shot in Washington state.
For example, the apartment of the journalist Rachel (Naomi Watts) was located in the house
at 1200 Western Avenue in Seattle, and the scene in the darkroom,
where she showed pictures of dead teenagers shot in an office building
at 1925 5th Avenue. Horse Farm, which in the film lived Morgan,
Samara adoptive parents, was found in the town of Monroe (23200 Yeager Road),
and eerie beacon flickering black-and-white videotape,
- Newport (Oregon).
"Call" lighthouse brought great popularity, although it was known before the horror: first,
with his foot a great view of the Pacific Ocean, and secondly,
it has a living extension, which is considered a rarity at the lighthouses.

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre»

Furniture made of animal bones, freezers with the corpses of teenagers, bloody
hooks and cute eccentric named Leatherface with a chainsaw in his hands.
All of this - the famous "slasher" -uzhastike that after its release
in 1974, it was banned in several countries.
Shooting low-budget pictures were in Texas (Round Rock),
in an old farmhouse, which had no ventilation.
It was a sweltering humid summer, and the temperature rose to 35 degrees.
The hardest part had the actor, who played a maniac killer:
within a few weeks, 16 hours a day, he had to carry a heavy,
impregnated paint suit and thick mask.
House of "Carnage" is still there, though it was restored for a long time and "moved" to a new location
- The town of Kingsland. Now it is a restaurant.


The first film about the boy Damien (1976), which was
Antichrist in human form, was filmed in London.
Most of the time operators had a 900-year-old and rather gloomy
Hrame All Saints, which is located in Fulham, on the banks of the Thames. For example,
it is here that was filmed a scene in which a priest pierces the lightning rod.
A picture flashed in the prologue Garden bishop surrounding the temple.

"The Hills Have Eyes»

The story of the bloodthirsty cannibal-mutants occur in the American desert,
where he once held a nuclear test.
Carter family traveling in the trailer and on his way to San Diego.
However, the seemingly perfect vacation suddenly demolish monsters,
to get out of the dungeon ... The film, oddly enough,
It was not in the US, and to a much cheaper in terms of labor force Morocco.
Namely, in the foothills of the Atlas, known for his paintings of landscapes.
In the vicinity of the local town of Ouarzazate starring such box office hits
as "Gladiator", "Alexander" and "Prince of Persia". However, there are also some scary scenery
- Like a deserted gas station, with which the whole story spun in "Hills».


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