10 best horror films in history! Evaluate every fan of the genre.

All people are addicted to pleasure. Just fun these are very different. Someone can get incredible pleasure from a harmless hobby, but someone it needs to transcend the law. Among the very familiar and safe entertainment that guarantee a high level of adrenaline in the blood, we can distinguish such activity as watching horror movies. Scientists are still arguing why people like to be scared again and again? But that fans of horror films do not become less. Edition Ofigenno.cc has prepared for you a short list of the best horror films in the history of cinema. Just want to warn you that our view is subjective, and we know that there are still many other films that deserve to get in this collection ... But let's get acquainted with the fact that we have chosen ...

10. "Jaws". Director: Steven Spielberg. B>
Martin Brody, the police chief of Amity Island, shows the remains of a body on the shore of some girl who was the victim of a huge white shark. Victims are more and more. To kill the shark. To do this, go into the sea: a fisherman Quint - hunter sharks, himself an expert Martin Brody and Matt Hooper.

9. "Halloween." Directed by John Carpenter. B>
When Michael Myers was 6 years old, he killed his older sister. After 15 years, the maniac escapes from a hospital for the mentally unbalanced, again to keep at bay the entire city ...

8. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Directed by Tobe Hooper. B>
One of the most famous films in this genre. It tells the story of how Marilyn Burns and his brother Paul Parteynom and friends going to check up, whether the vandals damaged the grave of their grandfather. Finding himself on the spot, they decide to visit the farm where he lived their grandfather, but it turns out that is located near another farm. It is decorated with objects made from various parts of the human body. It lives there slaughterhouses little family workers. Among them is a man named Leather Face. He wears a mask made of human skin and perfectly wielding a chainsaw ...

7. "Night of the Living Dead." Director: George A. Romero. B>
Brother and sister, Johnny and Barbara arrive at a suburban cemetery. There they are attacked by creatures like the living dead. Barbara manages to find shelter in a house nearby. As it turned out, there are 6 people are hidden. Later, it turns out that the cause of the zombie has become radioactive radiation that has spread from the spacecraft, recently returned from Venus ...

6. "Alien". Director: Ridley Scott. B>
Perhaps this film looked all but I once again remind the plot. It takes place in the future. The spacecraft, which returned to Earth catches signal SOS. The crew makes a landing on a strange planet where he discovers some strange leathery cocoons and larvae. Within these cocoons sitting perfect killers, which eventually destroy all but a woman astronaut Ripley. She was able to prove that the human brain - it is also a weapon ...

5. "Psycho". Director: Alfred Hitchcock. B>
The story is about a woman named Marion Crane. She stole 40 thousand dollars and wants to get out of town. While on the run, Marion stopped at a small hotel to get away from the police, but she was waiting for an even greater punishment. The owner of the hotel is a Norman Bates, in which periodically infuses his late mother ...

4. "The Bride of Frankenstein." Directed by James Whale. B>
Before the fireplace in the living room sitting: George Byron, Percy Shelley and his wife Mary. They discuss the book, which is written by Mary, thus retelling the plot of the film "Frankenstein." Byron and Percy persuaded Mary to write a sequel. The action of the film begins exactly where the previous one ends ...

3. "The Wicker Man." Director: Robin Hardy. B>
On the island near Scotland lost girl. Sergeant Gobi have to go there to find her. Locals as one argue that this girl has never been here, and when the sergeant proves the opposite, they are beginning to argue that she had died six months ago. On opening the tomb of the baby, the sergeant finds the carcass of a rabbit ...

2. "Rosemary's Baby." Director: Roman Polanski. B>
Rosemary and her husband moved to New York. They want to have a baby. One night, Rosemary has a dream in which she was raped by some demonic creature. Later, she realizes that she is pregnant indeed. The woman begins to lose weight instead of gain, and the neighbors and her husband suspects that they are going to do some kind of satanic ritual. What does it all lead?

1. "The Shining". Directed by Stanley Kubrick. B>
The film is based on the famous work by Stephen King. Writer Jack Torrance is taken to protect the mountain hotel during the winter season. He, along with his wife and son are cut off from the world. As you know, the previous guard killed in this hotel my family ... What awaits Jack?

This is our version of the best horror films. Add your options you can in the comments on our pages on social networks. And in order to gather more fans of horror movies, share this material with your friends.

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