Great movie, which takes place in a confined space

In world cinema there are many movies where the plot is built around a few people, the movement of which is limited to just one room, one house, a lift or even a tank.

Such films have a success with viewers, the Director has to rely on a master acting because of any special effects, huge budget and additional plans and decorations of the question. Here we consider only the most interesting and fascinating of them:

1. Buried (2010)

A truck driver working under contract in Iraq, after the attack hits in the worst human nightmare: he finds himself buried alive in a coffin, not knowing why. The film is notable for not only a brilliant actor, Ryan Reynolds, but the fact that the film entirely takes place in a closed space. The result is a tense, scary, intriguing and emotional Thriller.

2. Clue (1985)

The basis for this film was American Board game detective genre "Clue". The film Director Jonathan Lynn managed to turn the most seemingly hackneyed detective story in a fun and unpredictable Comedy with Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the future") in the lead roles. During the theaters in the US in different cinemas the film was shown with a different ending. Together all three endings were collected when the film on video so the Director allowed the audience to become detectives and to plunge into the investigation of the mysterious murders committed in a single mansion.

3. Cube (1997)

The filmmakers with meager budget and limited shooting locations (the action takes place in a single room) has managed to create a fascinating Thriller where several strangers were trapped, complete all kinds of deadly traps. Due to the magnificent play of actors and the psychological intensity of the film really is a cut above other films of this genre category B.

4. Devil (2010)

Several people found themselves in a stuck Elevator, you know – among them is the devil himself. Screenwriter night Shyamalan came up with really sinister, but at the same time an interesting story that holds the viewer in suspense until the final credits. As in the case with the movie "Buried" in this painting successfully play on people's fear of the enclosed space and behave in unusual situations. Like to solve riddles? Then try to calculate the devil.

5. Exam (2009)

The film is concentrated in one room without Windows, where there are eight candidates for the vacant position in a large mysterious Corporation. Potential employees are given 80 minutes to answer one simple question, obeying three rules. The only problem is that the question is simply no. Despite the growing distrust each other, the candidates begin to work together to solve the task before them. Extraordinary for all atmosphere begin to manifest all the worst and best sides of each applicant for a "dream job". Because of the complex plot, the viewer himself is the "exam" for ingenuity and care. However, the denouement of the film will be simple as all ingenious.

6. Lebanon (2009)

The film is set during the First Lebanon war of 1982. Four soldiers were immured in tank armour. The film and its script is built on the personal story of the Director himself, years later, found the strength to relive the terrible war. Apparently so, because the realism of the painting the viewer will have the feeling of being in a confined space this iron fighting machine.

7. Lifeboat (1944)

Alfred Hitchcock is unquestionably a master of experiments with a closed space, so many of his films, such as "Rope" (1948) or "In the case of the murder dial M" (1954), could also be included in this list. "Lifeboat" is the story of survivors from the sunken ship, which was in a lifeboat with a German sailor who torpedoed their ship. Now people associated together the same extreme conditions, forced to survive together with his enemy.

8. Pontypool (2008)

The scene of this low budget psychological Thriller radio station in the small town of Pontypool, who suddenly finds himself in the midst of a zombie Apocalypse. Stephen Mchattie in a brilliantly executed the role of a radio host, a constantly increasing stress, and also unconventional approach to the already hackneyed theme about zombies – that's what makes this movie attractive to moviegoers.

9. Report (2007)

The Spanish horror film "Report" filmed in the genre of "documentary", that is another imitation of Amateur documentary footage, making it easier to penetrate with his extremely tense atmosphere. The highlight of this picture, like all the best films of this genre is fear of the unknown that is constantly hiding in the ominous darkness, causing a burst of adrenalin and forced to watch it in one breath.

There are also three sequels of this film, the latest of which "the expendables" will be released in October 2014, as well as the American remake "Quarantine" (2008).

10. At your door (2006)

"At your door" is another apocalyptic film, which almost entirely takes place in a suburban house. In Los Angeles exploding poisonous bomb, the steam from which is beginning to spread throughout the city. Instead of trying to show the disaster as a whole, the filmmakers decided to focus the story on one couple. Before her husband raises a difficult moral choice: to let his wife into the house, thereby risking incurring the threat, or watch as it is hard and helplessly dies. If you are tired of large-scale big-budget disaster movies with tons of special effects, then this personal story of two people caught in the epicenter of the disaster, you'll be pleased.

11. Playing on the fly (1972)

Filmed on the script of the eponymous play 1970 movie "Game crash" is the latest work of Director Joseph Mankiewicz ("All about eve", 1950). Starring starred movie legends – Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine, the characters are inventing clever plan of fraud involving a fake robbery. However, the situation begins to spiral out of control when hunter and hunted are reversed. A Duo of two brilliant actors makes his adventure in the "battle of minds".

12. The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (2009)

Character actress Gemma Arterton ("Hansel and Gretel witch Hunters", 2013) kidnapped and held in captivity by two men in masks. All the film hardly goes beyond a single apartment. The Director of the film Jay Blackson could turn a film with a budget of a little less than one million dollars in high quality and delicate psychological game.

13. The mist (2007)

It's pretty well known horror film Director Frank Darabont ("the Green mile", 1999; "the Shawshank redemption", 1994), filmed on the novel by Stephen king. The story unfolds in the supermarket, where the locals escape from the ominous fog, unexplained enveloping all the space and hiding in the world. The film is also worth seeing for the sake of the ending, because even Stephen king acknowledged that interchange Darabont turned out better the book version.

14. Wait until dark (1967)

All the events of the film takes place in the house of the blind SUSY Hendrix where three extremely resourceful thug working on a scheme to locate a ragdoll full of large party of heroin. This is another Thriller, adapted from a popular Broadway play. In the final becomes clear why the Director gave it is the name of the picture: suddenly turn off the light equalizes forces fragile devidasa women and a gang of bandits sighted. For his acting, Audrey Hepburn was nominated for the award "Oscar" and "Golden globe".

And this is not a complete list of films set in a confined space. Among these blockbusters that deserves the attention of the audience, also not to mention:

"Submarine" (1981)

"12 angry men" (1957)

"127 hours" (2010)

"Clerks" (1994)

"Judge Dredd" (2012)

"Four rooms" (1995)

"Panic room" (2002)

"Phone booth" (2002)

"Reservoir dogs" (1992)

"The Breakfast Club" (1985)

"The RAID" (2011)

and many others.


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