The instigators of Alzheimer's disease in your plate

"The content of aluminum:
Breast milk: 4 - 6 micrograms/liter (mcg/L)
Formula for babies with milk: 30-50 mcg/L
Formula soy: 200-300 mcg/L"
Dr. Joseph Mercola

"Senile" — a diagnosis feared by many. According to statistics one in 10 Americans over the age of 60 and every second after 85 years with this disease. In 2004 in the United States, there were about 4.5 million, by 2050 they will be 11-16 million

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is not simple memory loss, the latter is quite physiological phenomenon during aging. In Alzheimer's disease, the person ceases to remember just the events, days of the week, his address, does not recognize loved ones, lose the ability to think and communicate, becomes aggressive and requires personal care because becomes disabled.


It is believed that the basis of the early form of the disease that develops in 30-60 years, lies a genetic factor and it is inherited. In the development of late BA genes interacting with different risk factors, also play a role, but the precise inheritance in this case is not marked.

The culprit BA currently suspected the Arroyo protein contributing to the formation of the human body lipoproteins, "razvozyaschy" cholesterol in the blood to the tissues and organs. Of the three existing forms (2, 3, 4) АроЕ4 is a risk factor for development of ad. In the presence of two genes that promote the synthesis of the Ari-4 (4/4), from both parents, the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease reaches 80% aged 40 to 90 years.

The level of the Ari 2 and 3 in the blood can be controlled by diet and taking medications that reduce cholesterol synthesis. АроЕ4 — no.

And if you consider that many statins do not penetrate the brain, the recommended doses as a preventive measure, from BA, to put it mildly, "far-fetched".

Moreover, many doctors believe that it can be extremely dangerous, because the substance of the brain is 65-70% fat (Tobias Hartmann, Orlando conference 2002).

When inflammation or toxic effects on the brain (e.g., heavy metals), as a protective reaction of the brain cells begin to synthesize the Arroyo, Arroyo 2 and 3 is able to remove different toxins from brain tissue by connecting them with sulphur, which forms, for example, with mercury substances "mercaptans" (from Latin — "fishers of mercury").

АроЕ4 these protective properties has not.

Given the overall high pollution of the environment, water, food and some medicines with heavy metals, it can be assumed that the presence of the Arroyo genotypes 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 body can not cope with the load.

Studies have shown that patients with BA, the amount of aluminum in the brain cells is four times higher than the average level. In the mid 70-ies of the epidemic increase of BA associated with the extensive use of aluminum cookware. In the US it was forbidden to use it even in prisons. It is known that the Japanese, who eat mainly tofu (soy contains aluminum), 10 times more likely to suffer ASTHMA.

Don't know how legitimate assertions (Ohio radio show Nov. 25, 2003) the famous American immunogenetics Hugh Fudenberg, MD, that if a person receives 5 flu vaccinations between 1970 and 1980 (the study period), the chance of developing Alzheimer's disease it increases 10 times compared to those who have not had vaccinations or have been vaccinated only twice (in one shot, in addition to aluminum, contains 25 mcg of mercury, 1 mcg is recognized as a toxic dose), but they deserve attention and further study.

Feature of Alzheimer's is deposits in the cells of the brain specific insoluble protein — amyloid, which also occurs with the participation of АроЕ4. Causing destruction of nerve cells, АроЕ4 is a risk factor not only for Alzheimer's disease and many other neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

Deposition of amyloid is found in many chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including diabetes, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, myeloma, cancer and some chronic infectious diseases (tuberculosis, leprosy, osteomyelitis, etc.). Although the structure of amyloid in these diseases, several different, the process of its formation and the outcome is identical: the cell in which it accumulates, whether it is a b -cell of the pancreas that produce insulin, or the neuron dies.

And I am absolutely not surprised by the discovery made recently at Rhode Island Hospital (USA) that the brain, like the pancreas can produce insulin, and when its production decreases, the amyloid is deposited and, consequently, develop neurodegenerative changes.


"Alzheimer's is a form of diabetes", scientists say, which revealed a neuroendocrine changes in BA and calling it diabetes type III. When you consider that in the West in the late twentieth century, the consumption of carbohydrates (sugar, flour, corn products, rice) has increased 100 times, and meat, eggs, butter, Margarines and cheese is 10 times, the pancreas from loving to eat is working flat out. In the end accumulates insoluble amyloid deposits that destroy cell bodies.

Also noted a direct correlation between consumption of sweeteners (aspartame) and an increase in the incidence of diabetes and Alzheimer's. There is a connection between the ability of the liver to inactivate carbohydrates and speed of brain damage.

Thus, the instigators of Alzheimer's disease a lot. But is it worth all the elderly people afraid of her? No. Some risk (80%) waiting for those who have the genotype with АроЕ4. By the way, the risk of developing asthma decreased after 60 years, if the person is engaged in intellectual work that suggests one of the ways of dealing with BA.


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But everyone from the youth to avoid "meetings" with heavy metals, sugar and substitutes, which, acting alone and together, destroy the defense system of the human body and lead to the degeneration of its organs and tissues.

And do I have to wait until Alzheimer's starts to "disable" an understanding of the problems and necessary treatment?.. This question is better to answer now before it's too late. published




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