Marital lottery

It is extraordinarily difficult to find their "soul mate" among many people. Yes, and inexperienced person. Tips-hints-wishers are often incorrect.

Well, now renews the tradition of matchmaking. Young people, especially their parents, are turning to matchmaker services, which has its own secrets, proven experience.

Advises on what to look for when partnering with a professional matchmaker?

Artist Konstantin Makovsky

The first tip is to. Family structure: in single-parent families the child is brought up with the belief that you can survive without a pair. Therefore, in adult life he will not be afraid of divorce and not going to fight for the preservation of the marriage relationship.

Tip second. Family life parents: if the child felt the warmth of making home happy, he will tend to heat them the elect; if he grew up in an atmosphere of "bickering cat and dog" for a long time to languish in search of scandal or the scandal will not. Want to live on a volcano?

Tip the third. Brothers and sisters. The eldest child is accustomed to be a leader, does not tolerate objections; the youngest is not accustomed to caring for others. Brothers can be like your sons, sisters your daughters. In addition, there are birth defects or defects that may occur in different periods of ripening of body – have brothers or sisters already visible, and your chosen one yet.

Tip the fourth.All other relatives. All the family in full composition has common roots, genetic. Who knows what biological "cocktail" will inherit your future children?

Tip fifth. Friends and acquaintances. To understand what unites these people is to comprehend in some measure the spiritual nature of the elect, his attitude to life and to human values.

Tip sixth. How people use chewing gum. If only for hygienic purposes is one thing. If he chews all the time — watch: either it masks a nervous TIC, which is concentrated in the mouth area or eyes; or he is overwhelmed with feelings of aggression. In any case, it signals the nervous disease which can later on affect your relationships, on children and lead to divorce.

still from the film "Balzaminov's Marriage"

Tip the seventh. Any deformation of the eye. "The eyes are the mirror of the soul". If the eyes are distorted, and soul suffered. Ugly monsters, dwarfs, hunchbacks is always the people with a huge bouquet of misconceptions about life. The root cause is easy to understand, and to correct the false position is almost impossible.

Oddly enough, in the same category fall and very beautiful people. For the same reason.

In nature, everything is arranged appropriate: if something exists in excess, then another something is missing. The ugliness is not just physical, but moral. "Not born beautiful, and born happy." It is therefore reasonable to select the partner with the average data are the most healthy people. And problems with jealousy will be less. Where the largest percentage of divorces? – In show business in the movie industry.

Tip eight. Chronic headaches, migraines are inherited through the female line. Pills they are not saving, but the reasons for the exacerbation, countless. "Sitting on a powder keg" - not for the faint of heart.

Tip ninth. "Horse" teeth sticking out forward, talking about the hormonal shift. At a certain stage of life, this "time bomb" could work in the most unexpected form.

Tip ten. Birthmark the size of nickels indicating excessive content in the body of melatonin – the hormone of aging. People quickly blooms, and quickly aging it is cause for acute "midlife crisis" in 40 years!

It's funny on this background looks information about the candidate for a close relationship, which is given in a newspaper matrimonial advertisements: age, height, weight, Zodiac sign.

In conclusion, we note that the advice of a professional matchmaker don't work 100% — human nature is unpredictable, but to leave them alone, attention, short-sighted. Forewarned is forearmed. Maybe this knowledge will help to avoid mistakes, at least part of them.

And in the Bible on this subject says:

"Do men gather from thorns grapes or from thistles the Fig? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. No good tree can bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit".

If you're hoping to win the wedding lottery not a rule, but a happy exception — a flag in hands! Love works wonders if it is strong and mutual. Difficulties some divorce, and others do even closer. After all, marriages are made in heaven and the ways of the Lord are inscrutable! published

Author: Mila Alexandrov




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