Every day we will receive from their spiritual guides (or as they are called - angels) tips life.

You may not believe me now, but I still say, "Every day we will receive from their spiritual guides (or as they are called - angels) hint of life." If we can see everywhere, signs and trust your intuition, we realize that a higher power has always supported us and help.

Unfortunately, we are so caught up in their own problems, anxiety and feelings that we do not notice the obvious clues of life. And they are everywhere! Just think, the answer to the most important question you can get at any time, in any place and under any circumstances. How does this happen? Let's look at what are the clues of life and how they learn to notice.

1. Visual

It can be any help, you can see the eyes. For example, you can not in any way decide whether or not you agree to the proposal of new work, think, tear, and suddenly open the magazine and you eye catches the phrase: "Do this and you will not regret it!". It is a sign from above, organized by your spiritual guides! The same thing you can read not only in the magazine, and billboard advertising, books, the Internet, the leaflet, which is distributed in the streets and so on. But do not grasp at anything that you see, and look for clues, usually it happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, such as random.

There is also visual cues include images that show you nature. This can be a cloud in the form of an answer to your question, tree leaf, flower or something else. I, when my life was a man who later became my husband, his eyes began to fall steadily hearts. And the clouds in the form of hearts, and the cracks in the asphalt in the form of hearts and so much more. Then I thought that perhaps it is no coincidence. And so it happened.

To learn to see these tips life, you start to notice them. To do this deliberately to stop all the fuss, haste, and start to be in the moment, "here and now". Only then can we understand that tells you your guardian angel.

2. Hearing

This hints that you can hear. Anyway, where or by whom: from the TV screen, when you only included from bystanders, snatches of conversation that you conveyed to the wind, on the radio sounding of songs ... The main thing - do not just listen and hear.

3. Intuitive

This is when you just that it seems. It is not clear why, and how to explain it. Just think, that's all. To this voice of intuition is required to listen! There is an opinion that intuition - a conversation between God and man, and this is the truth. We just need to trust in a higher power and listen to their feelings rather than logic.

4. Figurative

These tips are life to us in dreams, and in any case can not be ignored! Those dreams are very clear and bright cut into our memories, evoke emotions and impressive - a sign from above. There are even prophetic dreams, but they withdraw only to those who open their spiritual conductors per trust higher powers.

5. Cognitive

This prompts - events that occur in our lives to bring us some information. To make it clear, I give you an example from my life. When - that in my early youth I liked the one "bad" guy. To tell the truth, I knew that I did not need to see him, to me it reported higher power in different forms. I talked about this, and family and friends, I had dreams, intuition was screaming at me: "Do not need it!", But I was stubborn in their desires. Then one day, he noticed me and invited me to the movies. It was winter, and I'm happy, ran to meet him. On the descent from the bridge, I slipped on the stairs, as it was ice, and fell, hitting his spine. It was not a serious injury, just very strong bruise, but a date I still went, though it was also obvious hint of life: "Do not go there!". End of the story that he made me very sick, and I for a long time could not move away from the betrayal. What if I fell, it was cognitive clue. As a rule, they were our angels resort in extreme cases when all other hints of life do not apply.

To learn how to notice the signs, understand what you warn a higher power, it is necessary, first of all, to believe in them. Also able to be distracted by the bustle, stop the endless thoughts in my head, and not just to look around, and see. Do not just listen to the surrounding sounds and hear. And not just feel, and feel. It is easy to learn, you just want to live consciously.


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