Don't keep "Souvenirs" from the past

When we entered the youth time, we prepared our hearts in order that they could get love. In adulthood, love is ready to come into our lives, but only the hearts of very many of us are literally not ready for it, closed.

Every relationship that we get is only a measure of openness or closeness of your internal space, the channels in which they enrolled or not received unconditional love.

We all strive for a bright lofty feeling and every one of us, deep down, I am sure that the loneliness and past or current unhappy relationships have nothing to do with feeling an echo of that real feeling which we all subconsciously know and wearable, but never learned to show him out.

Did you ever notice how falls in love with a teenager or young man? It is always sudden, all-encompassing, knows no bounds and measures feeling. Man has not yet managed to get hurt in relationships, make them ugly on subjective insights, but because it incorporates new unexplored feelings like a sponge. Because the phenomenon of first love is so remarkable, not only because the teenager falls in love for the first time, but because a new feeling enters the empty, empty nothing space.

"A Holy place is never empty" — so schematically we can describe the phenomenon of first love. Because the first feeling is clean, powerful and memorable because the young people have no emotional blocks and barriers, and if there are problems, they usually stem from the lack of experience.

That's okay, as a rule, it is unlikely first love leads to a strong and harmonious relationship for a lifetime, often teenage couple at first. It's okay, man's whole life passes the lessons it holds for adolescents. For example, the first feelings they learn to interact with the first partners, trying to build relationships, explore sexuality and try to understand the psychology of the opposite sex.

Whatever indulgence we would not have treated naivety, openness and vulnerability of adolescents, we should strive for the model in which they try themselves in relationships — they come in these "blank" and ready to give and feel full!

No old injuries and grievances, plumes emotional pain from the past, limiting beliefs from negative experiences. Experience, beliefs is fine, but only until such time as they streamline the life, not turn her to a standstill. The experience is real, useful knowledge derived from my own experience, but if it becomes the block, not giving to show love, it is to ruthlessly get rid of. Now imagine that each partner carried such a burden of every previous relationship and now proudly carries it around, oblivious to the gravity!


Man relationships are much more important than the woman...Loneliness teaches a lot...

That is keeping your "Souvenirs" from the past, and trying to build on their Foundation of a new relationship, we are, in fact, fighting with a partner, each of its protective shell and wonder why you did not receive the love.

Pain issued from the previous relations, can be eliminated only by switching mode to "think" to "feel". Just need finally to pay attention to the emotional sphere, getting rid of the extra weight and making it "louder" all that I want to strengthen. published


Author: Elena Osokina ©.From the book "Internal emotional contradiction."



Source: оѕокіпа.сом.иа/готовьте-сердца-для-любви/


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