UAE - every whim for your money

Now, it's the end of my journey through the Arabian Peninsula. The last country were Emirates. Today arrived in cold and sunny Moscow. And you know what, we've got a lot better. I do not understand what you all these skyscrapers admire? As small children, they saw something unusual and all nurse native forgotten. No soul in these skyscrapers. And in general, it is alien to human nature from the ground so rip. This is not the case, to climb to heaven. Well, the Arabs are measured pussy who is above the house is built, who will make the aquarium more who will decorate a luxury hotel. Just let it all. You can come to work, but to live? As in all of this live? No, there is no soul, and they will not buy it at any price. What could be better than our birches? Or forest mushrooms?

49 photos via Ilya Varlamov

01. Yesterday, the weather made a gift Emiratis (or how to call the inhabitants of the Emirates?). If you have a sunny day - this is happiness, there is year-round sunshine and want something new. In the morning the sky clouds are gathering. "Photographed the clouds!" - Told me the locals. Clouds in the Emirates is in Moscow triple rainbow. Soon strong wind arose and started a small sandstorm.

02. The clouds loomed and the temperature dropped from the usual 35 to 22 degrees ...

03. And then went to the shower! This shower I have not seen for a long time. A solid wall of water. They say this is the first heavy rain this year! That you understand the monthly rainfall in November, only 1.8 mm).

04. In the Emirates, is not accepted to do the drainage sewers, as the rains come here several times a year. Roads also make without bias. Of course all at once flooded. But the water quickly leaves after the rain. Pump out the water after flooding 2 times a year cheaper than building drains.

05. Beautiful car number in Dubai can buy. Rooms with one digit long dismantled sheikhs, rooms with two figures are more expensive than the car itself. But as they say, show-off more money.

06. Interchanges. All the splendor of Dubai built by slaves. Slaves here assumed Gaster from Pakistan, the Philippines, India, China, Africa. They get a few hundred dollars a year, live to 10 people in a room, eat nepoymi than and have no rights and perspectives. All but citizens - disenfranchised labor, in the case of any conflict you simply deported, sometimes after his release in a few months in the local jail.

07. Stables Sheikh. Rumor has it that the grass for the horses brought by air from New Zealand! It should be understood that all the plants that you see in the picture, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, only one palm is worth 10 000 dollars. All this requires constant watering and care. Tales from the Internet: "One driver, avoiding a collision with ran across the road in the wrong place Hindu, crashed into a palm tree, had to pay. Police officers tipped him casually that it was necessary to push Indian, cheaper to left. »

8. Coming to Dubai many people think that to earn easy money. That's not it. So often deceive our girls. Chase here to work in the service industry allegedly promising career and easy money, but actually make them prostitutes. If you offer a good salary and position waitress, it is worth considering. It is possible that at the airport you will be picked up and taken away your passport to serve customers in the private villas. And so it will be until you are caught by the police and did not send home. Remember that the salary that would be arranged for European, Pakistani claim 3.

Dubai city migrant workers. If you want to work on nizkokvalifitsirvoannyh positions, then be prepared to compete with the Filipinos, Indians, Africans, Pakistanis. By the way, just to come here and get a job impossible. All migrant workers accounted for, go for a specific job and no idle did not stick. For each migrant worker is responsible employer. Indeed often take away passports, they just kept by the employer. Lost his job - lost visa - fly home. Back to work almost impossible. Buvaev cases where migrant workers lost their jobs, committed suicide, the family receives from the employer at least insurance.

09. In Dubai constantly build something and something breaks. Some of the hotel demolished to build in their place other, more luxurious. Some skyscrapers break to build in their place other, even higher. It should be understood that for centuries no one in Dubai builds. Build a fast, easy and not always accurately. Demolish the building after 10 years of construction, it is quite normal. Dubai for your money does wonders, but only the first miracle of the current years. And then, as they say, the show must go on.

10. Architecture in general is very poor quality, but there are some interesting buildings. In this picture, unfortunately, these buildings were not included.

11. Here we can see an interesting skyscraper Tower Rolex. Very well illuminated at night and generally made carefully and tastefully.

Here it is. The height of 235 meters. The project was made by the famous American architectural firm "Skidmore, Owings and Merrill." They design skyscrapers more than 60 years. It is for their project built a new building of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, as well as the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa me, by the way, do not like.

12. Dubai, along with Yekaterinburg, claiming to hold Expo 2020. The whole town is plastered with posters and everyone is waiting for the announcement of results. If you get hold Expo Dubai, then to the 20 th year, then build more skyscrapers proroyut new channels and show the world how to make money out of miracles.

13. Yesterday went to the north, look neighboring emirates - Ajman, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain

14. This is the back door to the residence of his son, Sheikh of Dubai. As in many countries of the Persian Gulf, we can not start a business without a local resident. That is, 51% of your business must necessarily belong to a resident of the country. Most likely, your partner will be a lazy asshole, you'll only bring money once a month and to persuade to sign papers.

15. Directly behind the fence of the palace of Sheikh begin slums. Vaughn, left behind trees videln fence and a piece of the palace, under the fence huts subservient. A very unusual sight.

16. I decided to go shopping and went to the cattle market

17. Baran costs on average $ 150-200. Do not buy expensive.

18. Seller. It's funny, because 90% of the population of Dubai visitors, the first question that starts the conversation of strangers: "Where did you come from?". This is instead of "how are you" and to "what is your name." In Dubai, all come from somewhere, and somewhere to leave. Vses all passing through. I still have never met a person to answer thee, "I am a local." Locals living in some parallel to the universe, and with the bulk of disjoint. By the way, as work visas do not allow people older than 50, almost all young people of the city. They say the average age of a little almost 30 years.

19. And this is a bird market

20. 3000 dollars and your bird.

21. The young falcon? 1500 dollars and it will catch mice around your palace.

22. For 2000, you can buy a peacock. Birds here like to keep as pets.

23. The market sell and cats. Almost all of the old, the sick, obviously picked up on the street. Cat asking for 200-400 dollars.

24. A distinctive feature of Wahhabi - cropped mustache and beard.

25. Sharjah (emirate) is a stunning car collapse. Here you can buy any parts for any car.

26. Do you want to drive, you want to suspension.

27. Any public conflicts in the Emirates are fraught prison. You can get a lot of problems for a fight in a public place for a rude gesture and even a curse. Of course, can plant and expelled from the country for alcohol in a public place and expression of feelings for the opposite sex. You can not even live with a girl, if you are not married. Born children and no husband? Prison. Keep alcohol at home? Nastuchit neighbor and you will get a heavy fine. The rights of one who first said in half price. All knock. Perhaps from this here in any area is very quiet and safe. Certainly, you can cheat and rob, but do it nicely, without violence.

28. People offer richer Versace furniture. Versace furniture, as well as almost all their clothes and utensils - vulgar tasteless shit. I admire how it manages vparivat lurid stuff for the fabulous price suddenly wealthy cattle? Motto Versace - money can not buy taste.

29. Each emirate has its own laws. In Dubai, for example, alcohol is sold only under license. License to get not just about how we have a permit to carry weapons. Furthermore, the license should assure your employer and you set a limit on the purchase of booze. For example, alcohol in Dubai, you can spend no more than 10% of their monthly salary. In neighboring Sharjah alcohol at all is strictly prohibited. You can not even carry alcohol through the emirate. But in Ajman have alcohol stores and buy a bottle, you can without any problems.

30. In these stores come for a drink with the Arabs soednih emirates and countries. Especially cute look hypocritical asshole from Saudi Arvii that at not even allowed to drink beer, while leaving neighboring countries buy crates of whiskey and nazhiratsya like pigs. Rarely in the Emirates where in one place you see so many cars with Saudi numbers as in the parking lot of alcohol store.

31. Moreover, the Saudis thumps (blah, blah, blah, we are Muslims, we can not drink, we all are believers, yeah ..), so they are still shaking that nobody saw. Even afraid to go out of the car, for booze send Hindu, which they then load the boxes into the trunk. Unfortunately, shoot about liquor stores strictly prohibited protection stands out.

32. Prices of alcohol, multiply by 9 to get rubles.

33. Sharjah found the Orthodox Church. Very nice.

34. Women with lipstick are not welcome here.

35. Interior. By the way, the church is not doing nothing. For example, open Russian language courses and various activities for children. Also, various organizations associated with church help our citizens popashim in trouble, for example, buying back from the prison of our prostitutes. For prostitution or illegal pregnancy in Dubai imprisoned deported home. But not once, but when your relatives will buy you a ticket. If the money for a ticket home not, you can go to prison for years. Here is the church and collects money for tickets.

36. Here, the normal progressive church, nice to visit. Even Twitter is. Well done!

37. Land for construction of a church committed Sheikh, gave money to build Mr. Sidorenko, Ukrainian businessman. At first I was surprised that it at our own, one of the world's richest churches do not have the money to build abroad? Then he talked to the guys who have been organizing meetings of our clergy in Dubai. Rumored to live our priests prefer exclusively in the Burj Al Arab. Yes, yes, it is there where the average room costs 10,000 dollars a day, and all the presidential 30. That is to say, closer to God. Welcome guests from Moscow exclusively on Rolls-Royce. But I do not believe it can not be the same. Surely evil tongues up all these stories to malign leadership of the Orthodox Church. Sanctify the church, by the way, came Mr Gundiaev, buvshy while still Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad.

38. The streets are boxes for the collection of old clothes, which is then given to the poor. Waiting for these to appear in Moscow.

39. The right side of the road in the desert is worth krasavats IL-76! The car landed here in 1999, and was towed to the site of his current residence. Rumor had it that out of the plane wanted to make a hotel or restaurant, but everything remains as it was. Birds, people and the environment - the scorching heat, wind and humidity gradually destroy this plane.



42. Bus Stop.

43. Kaif)

44. For the bus drivers in the final there is a mosque. Prayed and go.

45. Immediately after the start skyscrapers slums. Here lives the attendants of those who live in luxurious skyscrapers.

46. ​​

47. Patchy Dubai begins to resemble Europe.

48. The seat on the New York

49. In some places it is a real Dubai, where the wall of the palace of Sheikh in the one-story shack live powerless slaves.



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