UAE told the details of its Mars program

About a year ago, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his facebook said , that the state is investing $ 5 billion start your own Mars program. Then there was nothing specific if they want to send a satellite, rover or humans. Finally, May 6, 2015, they talked about plans for the conquest of Mars.

While Emirates put quite adequate goal - six years later, by 2021, to launch to the Red Planet auto research probe "Hope" (Al Amal). The tasks it will have almost the same, which launched the American Indian and MAVEN Mars Orbiter - to study the atmosphere and climate of Mars dust storms evaporation of water, loss of hydrogen and oxygen under the influence of solar radiation ... Although the camera can observe and surface.

More interesting new amount that the United Arab Emirates are ready to put on the development of its space industry - $ 300 billion. With this budget really grow a real space power. For comparison - a 7, 5 ten-year (!) Budget of Roskosmos. For the money to Mars can send a Bedouin with a camel and go back.

Apparently, the United Arab Emirates are going on their own (or at least on its territory), to create not only a Martian machine, but the entire space industry: rocket science of satellite, launch site, deep space communications system ... The stated amount is enough. The problem will become only the frames, but an Arab state and intends to cultivate its own engineers and scientists, and if necessary, they can always invite foreign experts. Oil money will enable them to make such an offer that many will be difficult to refuse.

Now on the project Mars probe employs 75 professionals, it is expected that the team will rise to 200 by the time of launch. It is expected that "Hope" will be able to transfer up to 1 TB of scientific data, which will initially operate scientists Emirates, then the information will be posted in the open access.

No less interesting are the goals that they claim to support the Mars mission. Sheikh Mohammed сформулировал them so:

The first is to show that this civilization, which had previously played a leading role in the development of human knowledge may regain its influence.

The second is to show the Arab world that nothing is impossible and that we can compete with the greatest of the peoples in the struggle for knowledge.

The third: a message to all efforts to achieve peaks: do not limit their ambitions, and you can reach the space. I>

Despite the fine words, while their Martian ambitions sometimes look funny. For example, in his infographics they wrote that at the stage of the flight to Mars probe will develop a speed of 126 thousand km / h, which is about three times higher than necessary, and almost twice the maximum speed reached by the human products - probe Voyager 2. They are likely to have the speed of -nibud American site and forgot to convert feet to meters.

Their animation missile resembling the American Atlas V, the satellite with the upper stage, which is exactly like the Russian "Fregat", but the upper stage is not separated from the rocket. Ie people willing to animation in space have limited knowledge.

At the same time the United Arab Emirates is not new to space activities. They already have two remote sensing satellite DubaiSat 1 and DubaiSat 2. True companions they just bought, built by South Koreans, and launched from Russia "Dnepr". But the next unit KhaifaSat they do already own.

It is hoped that the United Arab Emirates with the cosmos, and Mars will turn out better than Iran, which almost turned raketostroitelnuyu all their activities.

Again, we note inspiring attraction of Mars. Still, the achievement of the Martian frontier beckons not only the representatives of Western culture, but also east. In fact, striving forward and upward is the property of human nature, regardless of nationality or faith.



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