How the world has changed since you were born?

British BBC has launched an interesting interactive site & quot; Your life on Earth & quot ;, which It makes it possible in the form of numbers, pictures and graphs just to answer the question - how the world has changed since you were born?

To get the answer to a question, the site offers first fill out a simple form: it is necessary to enter your date of birth, sex, height, and unit of measure adopted in your country (unfortunately, the site so far only available in English). After pressing the Go button will be generated by three thematic panels with special cards. Each panel is appropriately titled: "How have you", "change the world", "How do we change the world."

The question "How have you" is illustrated by a few simple cards. For example, you will be informed that your age on Mercury reached the incredible figure of earthly standards, count how many times your heart is reduced and how far in space with respect to certain dates you are flying along with the planet Earth. Most cards interactive - you can select display options and parameters are displayed in a social network can share them:

The second panel titled "How to change the world" shows several important, according to the creators of the site, dynamic parameters. For example, since 1988 the world's population has increased by about 2 billion people, and the underwater mid-ocean ridge of the East Pacific Rise in the Pacific changed its position by 3.9 meters.

The third panel is the most pessimistic, because it is related to the activities of all the people on the planet. It is sad to know that when you knock 79 years in the world run out of oil, and by '81 the same fate befall coal. But see the end of an era of natural gas because of his absence will hardly be possible.



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