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Last time, I described the problem of illegal connections to the sewer network livnestochnuyu.
For the survey frames commission was established and within a year most of them are eliminated.
This time the diggers have faced larger problems ...

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The first story:
December 7, 2011 returning from a walk on one of the underground group rec- Klovu- Diggers announced that discovered the incredible power Box "very pungent smell and a lot of steam.
In the area of ​​clean sources of water, the waterfall - in fekalnike ».
Went there a few days, we have seen a powerful flow of sewage, slashing into the river from the ceiling.

On the problem immediately informed Kyivavtodor, but for several months there was no reaction.
Only March 16 I called back from Ekspluatiatsionnogo Road Office and was told that "passed through the collector, waterfall sewage seen, but from there he vzyalsya- have no idea».
That there are people who have:
-samostoyatelno done once a year inspection of collectors;
-Have all plans and know where and what is taken in their manifold;
They do not know and do not want to know.
Instead, they advised us to find a place for yourself illicit sewer connections, and even then they will eliminate it.
Himself pull the hatches and look for anything in the city-center did not work, and then died out before the summer.

August 6 we addressed the main water utility management with a list of all known on the day of frames. The department promised to understand.
Only August 22 Kyivavtodor appointed a commission to find a tie-in to the collector of the river Clove ...
This time it was serious.

In place of the tie came with several trucks and water utility workers Avtodora, with the heads of departments of the machine. Working smartly pootkryvali hatches along the reservoir, where -That found the scheme and found dirty water from flowing.
The reservoir at the beginning of the arch travel at high altitude falls pritok- pipe with a diameter of half a meter. She was filled with 2/3 rushing with great speed the flow of sewage ...
This half-meter pipe passes under the Boulevard. In one of the manholes upstream of the water almost was not, and in the next raging stream.
Check with the plan. It turned out that the hatches between the two there is a third, but during the reconstruction of the boulevard it covered concrete slab, sprinkle sand on top, and the top filled with concrete and decorated with ornate tiles, as well as the entire boulevard.
We decided that it -imenno Box, and instructed him to dig.
Well dissected as much as 2 days. Instead, Hatch poured sand layer a layer of concrete 40 cm thick! .. Workers punched his hammers.

Near the point was a mini excavator, two trucks, a company car assemblers ...
... And well otkryli..Vse we expected that it will tie-in it ... But no! the well flowed only a dry tube. And at the bottom flowed a trickle of water is quite clean. The smell, however, feel and here.
They opened the back hatch at the bottom of the intersection. Boiling, brownish thick smelly stream ...
Then inset in the middle, and there are no hatches ...
In any case, we opened the hatch passes near the heating duct. I went in and saw that the storm water pipe runs right along the bottom, nothing sprinkled. The gap could be seen and heard the same bubbling stream ...

How to determine what is happening inside? Trumpet - polmetra- last size, which you can squeeze.
At first, I climbed from the opened hatch upstream to ascertain that there is nothing, nothing gained. At a distance of 7 meters crash found a crack pipe and reservoir drawdown. But the smell was gone. It was definitely clear that everything flows from the bottom of the sidebar.
... Scraping of the wall elbows and new jeans, crawling down. The smell rises. Breathing is almost impossible, but a trickle of water at the bottom is still small and clean. But the fog begins. In the light of the lantern notice gush of filthy water pipe joint. It is not clear, it just flows out of the joint, or after it is viewed pipe 0.1. On the way back ... I think section 2 large and 15 small.
Upstairs, the master immediately translates my words into numbers. Dean sektsii- 4 meters high, melkoy- 1. Cutting through 23 meters. Considering the steps fitters group moves downstream ... Right at this point, but slightly pravee- hatch.
Open him- fecal collector with a torrent of water. Everything is as usual, it has opened up to this, and not once ...
But it occurs to open the hatch of fecal reservoir downstream.
Dry tray. A couple of pieces of debris. A raging storm pipe near the stream of sewage. Once again eyeing the first hatch. There - whirlpool. Although in theory, the water must flow directly.
Delhi is clear, says the master Avtodora, and calls the emergency water utility.
It turned out that because of the blockage of the twin fecal collector, water washed themselves in the shortest Track-parallel extending livnevki.

The alarm went just over an hour. A team of fitters began to clean the clogged fecal collector. As soon as the water level fell in the hatch, he showed little tube 0, 1, and which swept the whirlpool.
Wielding special long shovels, Monterey recovered from fekalnika thick cork zamyva ... This downstairs in adjacent hatches storm and fecal collector becomes clear as a stream of sewage flowing in the Clove is reduced, and in fekalnike contrary starts flowing water ... That stream extinguished definitively It turned into a trickle of pure water ...
It would seem that this was the end, but the next morning I decided to go for the collector and to see if there was a cleaner. Falls again fully operational.

On the surface, the team was waiting Avtodora and Chief sewer department. Learning that the collector yesterday cleaned the old metodami- wire and a shovel, he got angry and promised to deprive all the awards and caused gidromonitor- machine to pump water pipes under davleniemPosle cleaning gidromontorom fekalnika along the entire length of the street discharges into Clove stopped completely. Hopefully now- forever.

Second Story:
Across collector Glybochitsy (one of the oldest of the Kiev reservoir) held ceramic tube fecal collector. During a rainfall the river sailed the bricks and smashed the pipe. All the contents of her flooded into the river, which flows into the Dnieper River near the Postal Square.
In 2011, in the summer, during the Commission drew up a report, about what this problem is.
I quote; "Discovered domestic sewage effluents, which fall into livenevy collector through a breach in the wall of the fecal collector»

About a month later they called and told on the phone that this breakthrough is filled with concrete and liquidated.
Only a year later, when a second before the Commission examined all emergency place, it turned out that no breakthrough livkidiroval and all - in the same condition.
Then it repeats the same as with the data has been transferred Klovom- authorities on regional management of pressed ... But they did not give up, and a week later sent the following letter:
"Among other things, illegal connections was closed sewage Box of private houses on a street corner Hlybochytska»
Delusional this letter, among other things that on this street there is the private sector ... And it's not inset, which must tamponovat and accident.

Calling the head of department, I tried to explain all this ...
But here's the problem:
Fecal collectors descent into them, cleansing and repair engaged exclusively Vodokanal. But vodokanalovtsy not have the right to climb into the storm sewers.
Storm sewers, respectively busy Highways and Sheu. But eliminating accident fecal collector they have no authority.
In Glybochitse breakthrough pipes fecal collector transiting through the showers. Comes the paper in a water canal. Collector livnevyy- then will forward to Sheu, we can not go there to climb.
It comes in Sheu- breakthrough fecal collector. So what our business ?!
After trying to prove anything Sheu sent Glybochitsy map indicating the location of a breakthrough in the Vodokanal.
Head of the Department raised the schemes and claims that fecal collector, which would pass through the showers do not exist in the plans, and he gives permission Avtodor destroy it. The resolution was forwarded by fax back to Sheu and went to destroy illegal sidebar ...
Going down into the reservoir, we went to the pipe work. One of them argued that the sidebar they have blocked. In place of the pipe sticking out rotten stump. from all sides of the pipe is still slashed shit. One touch tube collapsed completely, the stump broke into two halves, and, driven by the flow of faeces, approximately floated on the waters Glybochitsy.

Gathered at the top, to decide how to plug the sidebar. Polyurethane foam in the water does not work, there vymyet Materials and quickly rotting stumps.
We decided that it is necessary to find the top of the house from the sidebar, and try to find an interim well. And if he is- clog the pipe there is not under the water in the river.
Workers felt shagami- 97 to turn 25 to the right.
At the turn he turned the hatch at the point where it joins Mallet. So - counted correctly. But the 25 steps to the right brought us to the edge of the road. Peredergav all possible hatches the houses on the other side of the Lower Shaft, nothing has been found. Suddenly I saw a parked car sunroof on vidu- clearly fecal collector.
 - And let's try to open it up suddenly from a branch fekalnika some have ...
 - Well, that, under the car ... for a long time, complexity balked workers. But the master persuaded them to open the hatch.
At a depth of 4 meters held ceramic tube 0.3 with filth ... And directed the collector was exactly Glybochitsu.

But it was still necessary to prove that it was he. Use the old, proven even in wet sposobom- discharge pipe in the grass and leaves. Already down again in the collector, it became clear that the method worked ... By the river slowly floated grass and leaves

Summoned Vodokanal. Wait. After 20 minutes, we came to 4 business type person, and prepared to listen to the explanation.
-So It can not be a collector do not pass through each other ...
Experiment with leaves and pipe convinced them about half ...
 - And let's open hatches downstream! After all, if the collector and in fact interrupted, there will be nothing to leak. Then we do believe at all. - Suggested that one of the commissioners.
Open the hatch. With a sinking heart, I look there. Clean the pipe with a thin trickle of clear water ...
Glybochitsy Let's go to the police department. And they found the collector on the map ... 1894 ...
"In mіstsі peretinu kanalіzatsіynogo of collectors dіametrom 300 MSW livnovim of collectors viyavleno damage, vnaslіdok yakoї OAO All drains s kanalіzatsіynogo of collectors have ydut livnovy of collectors. Ruynatsіya vinikla vnaslіdok peresuvannnya kamіnnya on livnovomu of collectors. Neobhіdno vіdremontuvati zruynovanu dіlyanku of collectors dovzhinoyu 25 metrіv. Of collectors dіametra 300 mm pipes materіal -keramіka, Glibin 4.8 m kolodyaz tseglyany, pobudovi Year 1894 p. Pass on proїzhdzhіy chastinі Wool Nizhnіy Val »
A week after the accident eliminated. At this time I was in the hospital (my electric bike collapsed on the go) and how the liquidation took place I had not seen.

Such stories I can tell you a lot more, but it can be concluded.
 - The state of collectors nobody watches. If an accident occurs on the surface of the earth, and the result of it all is obvious - it will sooner or later be eliminated. But if an accident - under the ground, they see it only diggers. Workers in the reservoir does not run.
 - Achieve solutions can and should be. We need only time and patience to struggle with laziness officials and get them to do something.
Hopefully, thanks to us Dnepr became a little cleaner.
And you- thank you for your attention. That's all.



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