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In the last times I talked about ecological problems of underground reservoirs, but spring has become a new problem-relevant failures and accidents on the roads. Why are there gaps?
The first two prichiny- worn communications: water and hot water. Old pipes burst, including pressure starts flowing water washes away soil, and formed a hole. Such accidents track from the ground is not possible, they may seek only the utility, identifying leaks in the pipes.
But there are other, larger and more dangerous failures. Such as happened two years ago on the street Teligi. Huge pit of great depth and area, formed most often on the road.

We consider in detail how a pit is formed. The underground rivers flow through huge pipes, concrete, brick reservoirs, different shapes and sizes. During heavy rain the reservoir filled to the top, and a stream flowing through it with great force. Sometimes the water pressure is so great that it pushes the hatches.
If the manifold is formed in the sealed gap or crack, sooner or later it dilutes with water to such an extent that the stream begins to flow out collector and ground flush. During each rainfall the river carries with it a large amount of soil, and the outside begins to form a cavity. At first small and then bigger and bigger. The deeper the reservoir, the longer the pit rises, until it reaches the earth's surface, often covered with asphalt. Education pit passes last fazu- the collector takes all the ground from under the asphalt and formed yama- trap, waiting until the top someone will pass or will take place. Then, hovering in the air asphalt bursts, pit and- ready.

In just two years of cooperation with Kyivavtodor diggers found 9 such incidents in the early stages. Of these, just removed the 4, 1 did not have time to remove, because the road is still a failure, and 4 holes waiting for their turn, gradually expanding and closer to the surface. But the state has no money for repairs ...
And now - at a time.
The summer of 2011 found a place in the emergency street Shcherbakova. Strong current destroyed the wall of the reservoir, took down a lot of land. The pit was in the last stage, a large cavity, covered with a layer of asphalt. A parking naverhu- minibuses traveling to Pushcha-Voditsa. Immediately report to the Highways. Those thought and reshili- should probably fence the place. Fences set. Then he took off. Pit remained neotremontirovanoy. Only crowd of journalists called to look at the incident site was able to call on the conscience of officials, and "urgent" due in September, the brigade MOE three days completely eliminated the accident.

That summer was found threatening situation for the House Furniture that metro Friendship of Peoples. Manhole was spoofing Buslovka waters of the river, and part of the foundation of the house hung in the air. Highways said such avarii- case management Furniture. Let them decide. They decided about a year, but the failure is still blocked.

The collector of the river Syrets ... Built of brick over a hundred years ago. The crude is very full-flowing river, and many of the bricks in the arch simply washed away over the years. Collector cracks regularly occurring dumped soil. The last time a piece of the arch collapsed, and the size of the collector has decreased by several times. Fragments between a sealed vault, right and left to lie. Now, in that narrow place permanently stuffed trash, logs, and the river overflows its banks.

A few weeks ago the upstream tumbled another piece of the old roof, and now in a hole in a thin stream pours sand, counting the hours and minutes of the territory at the top. A naverhu- plants, industrial zone. They all nipochem- each of them trying to shift responsibility to another. So it will shift as part of the territory does not fail. And with how much saturated soils zemley- it will happen very soon.

Above the arch collapsed already formed a pretty big hole. The sand is carried away over ...

City center. Crossroads Mechnikov and Lesia Ukrainka. Underground river Clove. Here - the initial stage of failure. Cracked slab. We cracked for a long time, about 5 years ago, but only last year reported the diggers. Within a few months of Highways placed props. Their reliability is difficult to judge them. Now they stand and hold on himself the whole weight of the ceiling, but in the summer, a strong storm they could bring down the current. And then begins the next phase of the formation of the hole.
Officials want to repair 6 million. After another speech on television diggers nerves of one of them did not survive. He called me and yelled into the phone, do not have our money to repair this failure, because you want to find pochinili- money himself, and then repair!
Can really do not have money, who knows. The main thing that a backup at this point the money found, and some places do not and this.

Vynogradar. Small and intimate, the array can "please" with two underground failures. The first is still in its initial stage. Under the crossroads Porika and Truth splyusnulas 2 meter tube. Splyusnulas under the weight of the soil, as this collector lies very deep. And yet, on the failure of not progressing. But the ground is still potyazhelet typing a water- and pipe may have finally emerge, not to oval and from the plane. And then begins the formation of a hole on top, right on the road.

But there is, or rather was, and more than a terrible accident. Not terrible its consequences, a miracle they did not exist, and the human irresponsibility, criminal negligence which led to the formation in the night of 4 to 5 April 2013 at the intersection of Prospect pit Gongadze and Truth.
In 2006, a well-known construction company started building a big house on the corner with parking. For the construction of communications under the Prospectus trenchless method paved the temporary wooden tunnel, it then had to hold the pipe and wall up them underground.
However, the construction freeze. The builders left, leaving rust tower crane. They've gone underground, and builders, leaving unfinished tunnel directly under the Prospectus. Wood tends to rot. And for 5 years, and even under pressure, it turns into dust. And in the early spring tunnel broke groundwater inflow and collapsed along its entire length. Lawn fell immediately, but under the asphalt on the road formed an air bubble. After several appeals summoned an emergency committee decided to MOE:
a formally: preparing to open the tunnel and zamyt it from the inside with a mixture of sand to prevent failure
 - Really: wait for the road to collapse, and then quickly fill pit. It's easier than digging in is not known as passing the tunnel.
And the road collapsed. I do not hurt anybody. Pit flooded ground and rolled asphalt in a few hours after the accident, so come the morning I found only fresh the patch on the road ... The width of the strip 2.

Black Sea Street. Alyabevsky Creek. Same as in the center. With the new one is not the center, and a small path for the industrial zone of Petrovka. And there is a backup bet no one will. But, nevertheless, the ceiling cracked manifold so that the entire mass of the earth rests on a armaturinami. When she prorzhaveet- ceiling collapse.

Kontraktova area. The old brick sewer. Shallow, small size. And - with ruined arch. Where there is a lot of bricks, only the land. The pit will be deep, a meter and a half. But with half a meter, you can break a leg. And the accident right at the sidewalk ...

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Comrades! Be careful, watch your step. Even a narrow crack in the pavement can mean that somewhere at the bottom of the manifold cracked and the ground from beneath your feet is already floating away downstream.

That's all, I apologize to the failures vykladyvanii.



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