The first repair in life with their own hands ...

New apartment, as you know - always hemorrhoids. Especially if it first in your own life. At first you feel the buzz, but then you start to stammer about the things laid out in bags, pots on the floor, plates ...

It all started with the pot ... Bosh.
Will 11 ph. Fotkal on bag under the plaster on the pictures ... a little horseradish.

First of all it was decided to zafigachit kitchen. I myself bydlodizayner, but it was the case - practiced for the repair of a little something ponahvatalsya, but actually had to learn all over again.
Unfortunately, when I decided to make this Pictures of the - I have begun repairs. Before that, it was all just - power and easy outlet for the middle of the kitchen stove "Lysva" and anything. Miserable sink with faucet uncomfortable. Green paper wallpaper on the walls (they can be seen on the pictures). But on the whole apartment was very good.
And went ... First course stripped wallpaper. It turns out to have a good tear off paper wallpaper - should soak them. I did not know :) But still it's not immediately come off - and then tore to pieces yet.
The second part of the most pleasant - hrenachit punch walls :) So much! the apartment like izdyryavit :))) The task was to make the wiring on the wall at the outlet. House panel, load-bearing walls - very strong. Three drill translated. I make two sockets under the kettle, two sockets above the working area and + light switch on it, the wiring under the hob and oven. Then I came up to the conclusion on the balcony and make the outlet of the cabinet (for hoods, radio antenna and power the radio). Radio has not bought it yet etomu not present in the photo. Screwdriver to dismantle the old tiles (whole) and sold her housemates (10 pieces per 250re) :)))

Tile went) Nifiga currently rates the plitochki ... 1 - 980 rubles worth. Kapets. Before you choose it - walked cloud stores ... but it is like this. They took no reserve - expensive.
The most interesting thing in the gluing tiles - do it under the hole Enclosures) carefully along the contour holes done and pliers kusochnichal. The principles were very wow.
The most important thing in the gluing tiles, in my opinion, is to lay the perfect angle. From the corner then dance along the rail. But one hell all the tiles to 0, 1-0, 5 mm of different sizes. On this - all our matches. The result was roughly what you see) By the way, the floor was not on the level with a difference of 7 millimeters.
Once taught to work levels and theodolites ... Very I wanted to use these useful things in it in such simplistic repair), but was satisfied with the two staylerovskimi levels.
Glue on the tiles is usually applied with a spatula. That's better. Clay with an elastomeric additive (for new homes without it can be bad). This additive was looking for two weeks to shop.
I think it will tear now just punch)
After the tile has also a hole under the hood ... Ato invented fashion - through a carbon filter to drive the air from the hood.

Now, the most tedious part - is the imposition of a leveling layer putty on my freshly made gouges in the walls. Tedious by the fact that 3-4 layers put on everything. All plastered with plaster. Actually I love everything associated with plasterboard) Prifigachil sheet smeared and forgotten - nifiga it will not. Properly made the partition or the inner lining is much more durable, cheaper and prettier any other matrialy. On the second floor of the cottage stoned GKLom - perfect for the third year in a normal wall wooden house.

But here was a trouble .... We come home - and on the kitchen floor ... blisters. Under linoleum swam water. 2, 5 buckets. Numb the corridor, thank God did not get to the room. The reason for looking the whole evening. Call a plumber on duty. 3:00 looking for the cause - and neighbors interviewed, and all the pipes tested, heating felt ... It turned out - the builders did not dovёrnut until the end of the hose with the intrinsic viscosity at the tap in the kitchen ... from it began to trickle in quiet water, bubbling gently in the joint between linoleum and wall . In this hot it was twisted as it should be.
We had to change the linoleum in the kitchen, as it swelled, and even after drying and heating hairdryer blisters have not disappeared anywhere. The same is not found, we put a thin, but with the same pattern, and some foil on top.
On this photo you can see that all the walls zafinishirovany. Main walls are painted with waterproof paint 3-4 layers.

We started wallpapering ...

Fridge at the time of gluing of linoleum and rudder had to drive out to live in the corridor, a short while.
Wallpaper glue fun) Non-woven themselves hard, and the bubbles are removed from under them only one way - a violent torment plastic wallpaper trowel on oboinu. And yet the adhesive even after processing wall it literally eats in front of the plaster - it dries up, and all that is applied to the wall has to again and again promazyvat expel bubbles. But all idealnenko and joint to joint.

Fitted with new linoleum. Everything is ready for furniture.
Eden course at Ikea) Gee gee gee)
Well, sho, prices are not very much biting, you can pick up right away. Current choice little bit poor - but it's garbage.
Ikea in our town no. We go to the neighboring Perm Yekaterinburg. 5 hours ... store. We took everything that we could think of.
But before the trip was the main question - how to bring all this to Perm? To take us to the store and brought straight to the house, while at the weekend. I went to look for a transport company .... All of them offer ... 5-7 thousand. Well, for that to 350kg on Saturday after 8pm pick up and bring home.
As a result, found a passing car, and 2, 5 kilorubley brought us everything, helped load and unload, thanks to them)

The process of assembly. So cool) You can collect all the eyes closed)
Upper cabinets poveshat for 10 minutes and met a couple of hours. But this is the easy part.
In the pictures you can see the same maker, with whom it all started sopsna)
At the same time then put the box in the cupboards and extraction hood this very privernul. Few shumnovataya it, but basically goes.

Base cabinets also quickly succumbed to the assembly. But most hemorrhagic began with cabinet under the sink - these cabinets in Ikeja not (to 800, with box and doors) had to collect yourself. Stuck 40vku box, partition ... and then all of this partition slash fret, climbed to the tube.
Second Veselukha - a countertop cut under insertions (washing and cooking). I do all of the calculations, but one had to figure dopilivat or flatten a file. I understand one thing - without the machine ideal line fucking drunk. A rule of "7 cut once, died once" work without my participation)
Well, like all sawed and missed silicone.
There is one problem with all sinks - the bundle tie. Inside there are plastic ties .... Cranking current path. So we had to stick instead of the usual screw - a thick screw. But everything is energized with a bang, horseradish Th leak =) Of course, prosilikoneno and laying too priklenena.
Boshevskaya socket funny ... Wai Wai as you like) without induction - Well ... it is expensive.

Handles before Bolt had to stick to the first double-sided tape to ensure best. As a result of odd they do not like me ... and have to redo nezya)

We pull out the entire film .... Kayfovo)
3 months of repair at the weekend was a success)

Here's a small kitchen to receive.
This is my first independent repair. Did not even illumination ... sorry)

All. Can kick)



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