Minsker traded 17 kg white. rubles per 20 grams of silver

The idea to start collecting the small Belarusian bill came 25-year-old citizen of Minsk Paul Sakovich friend after the wedding. At first, she worked with the same girl, but with the start of family life unusual hobby pushed aside. Her savings and became the basis for the collection of Paul.

 - I have decided to continue the initiated - confessed Paul. - Just putting off all the small bills, which turned in the wallet, and packed in bundles of a hundred pieces. As a result, about two years I have gathered 17 kilograms of Russian money - mostly denominations of 20 rubles, and also a little bit of 50 and 100.

Paul acknowledged that some of the weighty collection he still spent descend with friends in McDonald's. This very young man fascinated by the ideas of the raw food diet, and then thoroughly ate at his expense is friends. And when Paul had learned that the National Bank plans to introduce 20-ruble banknotes from circulation, and decided to say goodbye to the rest of the collection.

 - Ideas were different, - says Paul Sakovich. - For example, to deposit in the bank or just pour into a bath and swim in them like Scrooge McDuck in well-known American cartoon. In the end I decided to get all the money a small silver bar.

No sooner said than done. Paul Sakovich put all the money in the bag (really her weight was 17 kg) and a private car went to look for a bank that sells bullion.

First on the road (Paul lives in the neighborhood Kuntsevshchina) turned out to be the office "BGB" street Pritytskogo. It was decided to make the exchange depreciating the value to something less weighty but more reliable.

At the bank we found a very modern system of "electronic turn". Moreover, the menu turned out to be a treasured item: "The sale of the bank precious metals." After receiving the voucher number and foremost, we have to wait ...



Finally, the coveted 236-th number lights up blue numbers on the electronic scoreboard. Sakovich, Paul went to the cash box №6. Interestingly, the nominal value of banknotes and the volume of the bag did not cause the cashier "BGB" the slightest protest - excerpt pretty girl can only envy.

The process of conversion of money and the purchase of silver bullion took more than an hour - and this despite the fact that the cashier came to the aid of another employee of the financial institution, and was involved in an electronic machine!

The task was complicated by the fact that it was Friday and all questions about the precious metals were supposed to close until 14:00. But even though it is against the police to the unusual client was not much shade or irritation. On the contrary, they treated the situation with humor.

Finally, glad Paul won the silver bullion. Separately it purchased as gift wrap for him - birthday coming from a friend.

For the purchase were spent almost all the available money (in total - a little less than 300 thousand), there was only a small stack of hundred-ruble notes. By the way, the silver equivalent of 17 kilograms of Belarusian rubles in the bag Paul was only 20 grams of the precious metal. Agree, the savings in such a store is still much more convenient ...

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The equivalent of 17 kilograms of Belarusian rubles - only 20 grams of silver

BTW. Financiers estimated that in the 20 years of its existence, the Belarusian ruble has depreciated by 237,595,925%.

Only in the first year of its existence, 1992 th, inflation was 208%. The absolute record fall in the value of the national currency of Belarus was raised in the next, 1993 - while inflation was 1997%, and in 1994, the year declined to only 1 960%.

In the future, it has steadily decreased, and following a significant surge occurred only in the past, 2011, when the Belarusian ruble has become cheaper by 108, 7%. However, this is minor compared to mere example, since 1995, the year (244%) and 1999 (251%).

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