Today let's talk about the hatches. It so happened that the hatches are an integral part of city streets. They are located in a completely incomprehensible to me places. Some on the road, some right on the sidewalks. If the hatches on the road is clear - they perform only a utilitarian function, the complicated history with sidewalks. Luke on the pedestrian zone can not be ugly. Luke - a city flowers under the feet of pedestrians. These flowers can be just fine. Every city has its normal hatch. By design, manholes can be judged on the attitude to the residents of the City Hall. In the cities, where love and respect people, they can not shove a rusty, dirty, cast-iron pancake on the sidewalk. Hatches give people warmth and joy, hatches decorate the city, hatches can be a work of art and a tourist attraction, the hatch - a symbol of the city!

I find it hard to walk on our streets, it pains me to advance that closes well on our sidewalks. I can not look like reckless attitude towards pedestrians. The most annoying is that most people is not that they are being deceived. Let's see, what should be the hatches. My personal collection includes more than 2,000 photos of manhole covers, in this post I have collected the most interesting of them.

42 photos via zyalt

01. Hatches are different. In many cities on the hatch shows the city emblem, a symbol or logo.

02. That hatch Bratislava.




06. Prague

07. Berlin

08. The new hatch Budapest

09. On the manholes of Rome, as well as the emblem of the city, written SPQR (traditional Roman reducing phrase Ā«Senatus Populisque RomanusĀ», which translated from Latin means "The Senate and the Roman people").

11. Postal hatch in Budapest

12. Hatches in Copenhagen

13. The Swedish city of Malmo hatch.

14. In some cities hatches easier, for example, American hatches:

15. Sometimes the hatch - a work of art.

16. See, what a miracle!

17. On a hatch intrude sorry ...

18. I have at home a floor made with pleasure!

19. For the sake of these hatches should invent the city and streets. This hatch with the soul, the warmth he gives passers-by.

20. Most of all distinguished Japanese.

21. In Japan, due attention and care given to each element of urban design, and sewers - is no exception.

22. The art design of the hatches in Japan has reached the degree of national obsession, many municipal departments are competing with each other in who hatches decorated better.

23. In Japan, the hatches paint. It turns out very cool.

24. See, what a miracle!

25. Here are just a small part of my collection of Japanese hatches. There are hundreds of species in each region are different. The Japanese are very proud of their hatches.

26. There are hatches with photo printing


28. There are even hatches.

29. And this is the famous quote from the hatch of the American writer Kurt Vonnegut.

30. In the Italian city of Ferrara last year opened a museum hatches!

31. Luke can be not only decoration of the city, it can bring and favor. Here, for example, hatches navigation.

32. They plotted major attractions and indicates the distance to them.

33. These hatches can bring the city revenue, because they can advertise.

34. Now let us remember the look of our hatches. Every time I go out, my eyes welling with tears. I can not believe that Moscow and other Russian cities have earned such hatches. Where did these rusty, dirty pancakes? Why our cities are depriving themselves of the beauty underfoot? What does this do?

35. Look at these two hatches. In 2004, in Vancouver held a competition for the urban design of the hatch. The competition was attended by 640 people. These two hatches won and now they decorate the city. A few days ago we announced a new competition. The city is ready to make 3000 new covers designed by the winner.

36. Here, the most popular works sent to the contest in 2004.

37. Luke are often targeted for designers. Hatches are printed on stamps.

38. In view of the hatch do cushions.

39. Mats.

40. And even handbags.

41. Very popular cufflinks hatch pattern.

42. Gag sink.

Urban projects want to hold an open competition for the design of the hatch for Moscow. I want each Moscow district had its own door. I want to hatch became a symbol of the city to his image printed on T-shirts, cufflinks and postcards. Moscow deserves to have its hatch! Let the competition do?



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