12 floors underground in the event of nuclear war ...

About the place I first heard in the fall, and since then very much like to go there.
A few days ago, we made a trip to this once top-secret facility, from which was to be launched nuclear missiles in the event of the Third World.

The military part looks deserted, the gates are open, but the road fresh traces of the tread. We go inside.

Hall of Fame. 40 years, this part of the protected world.

6. Construction of a room where a kitchen, barracks, the top has a glass bunker.
Penetrates through the open window.

We pass through the building, past the rooms where once lived the military. At the end of the building - wooden door with a modest sign "Poterna №1» and stairs down. On the wall - arrow indicating the direction of the UE. Somehow even uninteresting.


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