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Often when laying cable lines in offices, open-plan raises the question of the use of floor hatches for the organization of switching jobs. The market of these products is not too full of quality, thoughtful proposals for a reasonable price and limited offers from one or two manufacturers. Yes, and they have their drawbacks.

Installers are always responsive to new products in this segment, especially when the "field" out producers of world renown.

We will try to satisfy the hunger for information and to throw bread and circuses! In this article we will focus on switching from Schneider Electric hatches within the new line of products Optiline 45 for commercial buildings.

Hatches are available in three versions: a 4, 6 and 8 of the popular sizes 45h45mm mechanisms (Fig. 1) (Fig. 2). Outlet calipers compatible with any other manufacturers' products in this format. But look for them separately because there is no need as part of the same line Optiline 45, Schneider Electric offers a wide selection of affordable and low-voltage power outlets, combined in a series of Altira (Fig. 3).

Fig. 1 Hatches plastic

Fig. 2 Hatches stainless steel

Fig. 3

As for the outlets, it differs from analogues of other manufacturers reasonable price, ultra-fast and safe way of installation through the use of cleat Clem. One socket connection speed is not more than 10 seconds, the unit of 2 sockets at pre-arranged bridges - 15 seconds.

And so, back to the review of the hatches. A distinctive feature of the hatches (I have not seen anything like this from other manufacturers) that are the same as the models are made of plastic and stainless steel and have almost identical dimensions.

Fig. 4

Plastic models have high quality which are made from materials, and precise adjustment of the housing parts. The design is simple and convenient. Nothing more, everything is thought out carefully what is to be expected (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Hatches of stainless steel (Fig. 7) have become a revelation. Similar solutions from other manufacturers are 2-3 times more expensive.
Due to this they can compete with the decisions of the plastic.

For those who have never encountered with the operation of such products, share your experiences. The life cycle covers, made of plastic, with the active operation and constant physical impact is relatively small. Over time, they are susceptible to deformation, can fall apart, acquire unpresentable form. Although the manufacturer claims the permissible load on the model of plastic and stainless steel, and the same is 300kg.

Fig. 7

At the same time hatches made of metal in the "office" conditions have virtually unlimited resource. And if you do not want to pay twice, this is the only correct solution for areas with high intensity of movement of people.

I would like to mention the following advantages of stainless steel hatches:
- Practically unlimited resource;
- Sufficiently large thickness invested by coating the cover.

Separately, it should be noted that the depth of cover allows you to set it not only carpet but tile thickness up to 15 mm.

To fix the frame of the flap is spring-loaded latch that allows snap frame without having to install the tool on the floor with a thickness of 10mm.

Fig. 8

Separately, you can buy the so-called access hatches (Fig. 8). They represent the body of the hatch with a lid without rosette calipers. Low cost justifies the meaning of their use.
The load capacity is 300 kg.

Dimensions and filling h4>

Dimensions of hatches in the horizontal plane-199h199 (porthole on the mechanism of 4 45x45) and 199h276mm (porthole on the mechanism of 6 and 8 45x45).

Female calipers can be placed at a depth of 70 to 100 mm in plastic covers and from 80 to 110 in the steel, the depth adjustment step - 5 mm. An adapter allows you to place a hatch breakers and RCDs.

Set h4>

Floor hatches OptiLine 45 suitable for installation in all types of floors as raised floors (Outlet hatches and access hatches are installed directly into the prepared hole of the raised floor) and concrete floors.
Raised floor for a special mounting kit in the form of two screw terminals. Screeds can use two types of installation box (Fig. 9). Cheap plastic with adjustable depth of 75-95 mm and galvanized with a fixed depth of 250 or 350mm. Recent delivered in a single solution for organizing underground cable channels screeds. Both types of boxes are equipped with protective covers made of particleboard, for protection against ingress of grout.

Fig. 9

The relevance of the use of galvanized steel boxes for cable in the concrete floor can argue long. Prices for these boxes are often forced to use something cheaper. But in any case, in the range line OptiLine 45 such boxes are included (Fig. 10). Clarify that with hatches OptiLine45 and mounting boxes are compatible, can not be otherwise.

Boxes are available for 2-meter intervals and submitted eight sizes:
- Two-piece box: 150h28mm, 150h38mm, 200h28mm, 200h38mm;
- Trёhsektsionnye box: 250h28mm, 250h38mm, 350h28mm, 350h38mm.

The system consists of a box of the tray, cover, bracket and transitions to transfer boxes from the horizontal plane to the plane of the wall.

Fig. 10

Options and nuances h4>

The package includes a flap:
- Frame the hatch with a lid;
- Mounting calipers for direct latching mechanisms 45x45 (height adjustable);
- The holder / organizer cable (located next to the cable outlet in the hatch);
- Two partitions;
- Six terminals for cable.

Fig. 11

Among the necessary additional accessories should be noted caliper cover (shown in Fig. 11). On the necessity of its use can argue long, but as electrical safety is a necessary protection.

Summarizing h4>
The new line of products from the world manufacturer Schneider Electric will still have to prove in practice their undeniable advantages over similar products from other manufacturers. But now, taking into account the availability of all necessary accessories in this line, practicality and quality, we can say with certainty about the "freshness" of the product on the market.

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