Popular cheats on the Internet (13 photos)

Debunk a few fakes, walk across the expanses of the network:

Most of the "sensational" images are usually "a fake", such as photos of Nikola Tesla, moonlight swimming instructor or Theodore Roosevelt riding a deer.

John Lennon plays the guitar with Che Guevara

Would you believe that one day Lennon sat down and played the guitar with the famous revolutionary and a Marxist (and with fashionable t-shirt)? Nothing really never had.

This image - an ordinary brushes, with which the place of head guitarist Wayne "Tex" Gabriela "imposed" the face of Che Guevara.

Hugs Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

This is too fake, created by Alison Jackson, known for his photographs of celebrities with twins.

On this photo on the right, made May 19, 1962 Monroe and Kennedy attend a party organized to raise funds for the Democratic Party in New York. And the shots where the couple hugging or shows other signs of love, in fact, never been.

People in Beijing shrouded in smog admire an artificial sunset

Even now the photo may lie in a lack of information. This image from the Image Bank Getty photo, which was distributed through Daily Mail, depicts the grim life of Beijing, where even the sun can be seen only through a digital screen. Smog in Beijing is truly awful. But the picture introduces all the confusion.

In reality, the picture presented promotional video Chinese tourism for the province of Shandong, which is played on giant screens in Tiananmen Square. The sun also appears in the video for a few seconds and is part of advertising. This advertisement scroll in Beijing year-round, regardless of the density of smog.

Photos of the Soviet psychiatric clinic in 1952

The picture on the left is not some kind of paranormal phenomenon that occurs in a mental hospital Soviet times. This dance show Pina Bausch called "Blue Beard." A screenshot on the right - this is another picture of the performance, made in 1977.

The series "American Horror Story" borrowed this quaint image of the filming for season 3.

Photo of John F. Kennedy and his daughter Caroline

Site of historic photographs recently published a picture (left), where John F. Kennedy and his daughter Caroline put on masks. With Photoshop and the president face mask Carolina for some reason reversed.

Children who are sent by mail

Are people able to stick stamps on their children and send them by sending in another city? Everything was not quite true.

In fact, in the early 1910s there were cases of so-called "mailing" of children, but with two important caveats. First, the pictures are not evidence that the children were sent by post - these funny pictures were created solely for the sake of laughter. Second, the "mailing list" of children is not what is meant by that many.

For example, a 6-year-old Maya Pirstof was "sent" February 19, 1914 from Grangeville, Idaho to his grandparents for 73 kilometers. However, it was the care of his relative working in the railroad company. In fact, it was cheaper to send a girl "sending" than to buy her a ticket.

In 2009, Catherine Steinberg gave their explanations on this subject: "It is obvious that many were amazed and even frightened by these photographs. I met Nancy Pope, the historian at the National Postal Museum. She explained that the pictures were actually staged. And evidence that the children were sent by mail, was very small. There are only two cases in which children were sent as "cargo" in the train due to the high cost of tickets ».

Syrian child sleeping near the graves of his parents

Left photo went around the world under the title "An orphan from Syria, sleep among the graves of parents».

This heartbreaking picture was part of an art project photographer from Saudi Arabia. Author shot Abdul Aziz Al-Otaibi just wanted to show the unconditional love of the child to his parents. This picture has nothing to do with the current humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Ella Fitzgerald was denied a concert in the night club "Mokambo" because she was black

In 1954, American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald faced racial discrimination in West Hollywood. However, Marilyn Monroe said that reserve a table to see the performance of the singer and the issue was settled.

This story is partly authentic Monroe really helped Ella Fitzgerald go to a concert in 1954. But skin color there was absolutely nothing to do with (the club was visited by many black performers). The manager of the club "Mokambo" Charlie Morrison believed the singer "glamorous enough." But Monroe was a fan of Fitzgerald and contributed to the fact that the manager changed his mind.

The man who made death masks of the soldiers of the First World War

These masks hanging on the wall, in fact, intended for the veterans of the First World War, whose faces were disfigured during battles. They gave the soldiers a little bit of confidence. Francis Derwent Wood opened the clinic, which created a special mask returned from the war maimed soldiers, which did not help the plastic face. The effect of this mask was the same effect created by plastic surgeons. "The person has a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, he again began to take pride in their appearance," - says Wood.

Carved Buddha statue at the Monastery of Nguyen Khang Taksang

The picture on the left is made in Photoshop one artistic team called Reality Cues within the project "Laboratory of graffiti." But in the photo on the right depicts Wulingyuan Scenic Area in China's Hunan Province.

The first mobile phone was shot in 1922

In the old archives of the studio "Pathe" movie plot was discovered, filmed in 1922 under the name "Wireless Phone Eve." The video was shown, even the most respected media and supposedly became proof of the existence at the time of the first mobile phone. In fact, it was just a portable radio.

In the early 1920s, the term "wireless phone" applies to radio technology. Then the radio only gaining its momentum and make the transition to commercial broadcasting. In the video, there is no evidence that the device can be anywhere to call. Women just stroll and listen to the radio.

Photo Basin Fey made on the Isle of Skye in Scotland

It turned out that this photo was taken in New Zealand Queenstown on the river, and all the trees are painted using photoshop purple. Nevertheless, even the original photo is striking in its beauty.


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