Quotes with female Autoforum

- The hood can not hook the nail.

 - Tell me where you can buy the rights? I have, but asked where I bought them, so as to know? Where to send those who ask? I gave something!

 - Behind the wheel of the past 2 years and have never experienced the pleasure of driving. Prompt!
 - My husband says that women's panties in the glove compartment he needs to wipe the cylinder head. Tell me, and I also have to be in the glove compartment or panties fit men's panties?

 - Chest is rulezzz! But steer really interfere. And devices are not visible.

 - Leave the garage for two weeks and go backwards. I very much want to learn to ride Pereda, and then neck hurts already.

 - Does anyone know how to stop the engine? Urgent !!!

 - I want to buy right-hand drive, so that the wheel does not interfere.

 - Where can I download music for bibikalki?

 - Yesterday, the whole day went with the hood open, and no infection is not suggested!

 - Girls, meet tomorrow shtrafstoyanke!

 - Where in the Land Rover, you can wash your hands?

 - Who knows the thread from which the gas is supplied to the pedal?

 - Just in case I go to "hammer". And I say, "fool" ... No need something?

 - What does the extended middle finger with stubby nails? Saw yesterday in the four machines. New fashion?

 - A neighbor advised barefoot lights. Maybe "pereobut tire?" But I "change shoes". Explain pliz

 - Lost the car. Husband finds out - kill! Advise where to get cheap on the same evening to otmazatsya?

 - I tried to close the door on the two turn of the key and the lock was broken ... In lope turns to close the door?

 - My husband is constantly urged on me that I was a fool. How to convince him?

 - Who has any fantasies during refueling?

 - As more love to ride with eyes open or closed? And in the light or turn off the headlights?

 - Every day, morning and evening, the whole of his "Mercy Corps" in the nose. Lipstick Viel and is not erased, appeared rusty spots. The service said that it is necessary to repaint the car to match the lipstick.


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