How to hunt eagles

It is said that in times of hunting birds fed whole villages. Buried the dead eagles, old and wounded - were released into the wild. Leave this bird as befits those who freely wind from a great height stone throw down. To have never fly.

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Via drugoi Photo: © REUTERS / Shamil Zhumatov

Reuters photojournalist managed to remove the time when one of the Golden Eagles, who participated in the national competition of hunting birds and their owners berkutchi "Sonar 2009" instead chase the hare, rose up and attacked a group of photographers standing in a field. One of them managed to dodge the second eagle clutching claws back. Fotokor escaped with slight shock and damaged jacket. Such incidents - not uncommon during hunting birds of prey.

Kazakhstan has managed to preserve the traditions of their ancestors, who owned the art of falconry. Competitions eagle (hunting with birds of prey) is carried out at the beginning of winter, as soon as the first snow steppe. This year's hunt took place in the gorge Chengelsu (Talgar district of Almaty region). All in all competitions attended by 48 owners of birds from 5 regions of Kazakhstan, with 39 golden eagles and falcons 9.

03 That's actually begins the process of hunting the hare.









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