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In life anything can happen ... A new selection of Site is the best illustrates this philosophical statement. < 1. In 2012, the US government in conjunction with the Office of the State reporting prepared and published the "Report on the report reports, recommended the preparation of the report report report reportsĀ».

< 2. the guy from South Africa by the name of Martin Pistorius had been in a coma for two years, and when I came, I realized with horror that he could not tell others to change their status: either move or publish at least some sound he was not state.

Trapped his helpless body, but fully understanding everything that happens around him, Martin spent more ten years. It was only after that the ability to communicate with the outside world began to gradually return to it.

3. The term "princess disease" in China and Korea indicate mental disorder, which occurs in young women who are prone to narcissism, egocentrism and "melodramatic" behavior. Expressed this disease is that the woman starts to to behave like a princess in the truest sense of the word.

4. After the arrest of serial killer and rapist of children Robert Black the police found in the trunk of his own car the offender's daughter - bound and gagged

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5 If you destroy the "bridge" that connects the human brain, they form two separate "I" with a variety of impulses, desires and abilities - two full-fledged personality in one body

6. ten kilometers from the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1, where the accident occurred, there is one more nuclear power plant, to which the tsunami struck no less destructive force . However, there is a tragedy was avoided thanks to the decisive actions of the head and the heroism of his subordinates.

< 7. You can laugh at the naivety of Nigerian scammers sending out letters on behalf of kings and presidents in the hope to break a big jackpot, but sometimes they do crank out something truly grand. Once, for example, a group of Nigerian scammers managed to sell a nonexistent Airport staid International Bank for 242 million dollars And the scam came to light only after three years after the registration of the transaction.


8. The only public diamond mine is located in Murfreesboro (Arkansas) for the general public. If a visitor finds a diamond, you can keep it. From 1972 (when the mine has received the official status of a state park) is greater than 31 thousands of precious stones were found in Murfreesboro.

< 9. Suffering from agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) Briton from Crowley decided to overcome his illness and in April 2015, the third time out of the house for ten years. ... And immediately he fell into an open manhole. Result -.. A broken nose and a fractured leg bone

10 Golden Eagles hunt mountain goats, dropping prey from the rocks

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