Interesting facts about the nature of the jackals

"When a tiger kills, jackal always there", this old proverb depicts a jackal in a negative light, as usual scavenger.
However, jackals really interesting animals, whose lifestyle will blow you away as soon as you begin to study it.

Jackal belongs to the family dog, a medium-sized, omnivorous, live in Africa, Asia and southeastern Europe.

Living in flocks of 10-30 individuals, they have a good social organization. Like other members of the family dog, muscular legs jackals are perfectly adapted for fast running. Life in schools to help them, as they may hunt animals larger sizes, such as gazelles, and protect each other during the attacks.

In ancient Greece and Egypt they were worshiped as gods. At all times, they are perfectly adapted to a changing environment.
Scientific name: Common Jackal (Canis aureus), striped jackal (Canis adustus) and black & brown jackal (Canis mesomelas)
Kingdom: Animals
Type: Chord
Class: mammals
Order: Predators
Family: canids
Gender: Wolves
View: jackal
Size: 15 - 20 inches
Weight: 15 - 35 pounds
Lifespan: 10 - 12 years
Habits: lives alone or in pairs
Food: Omnivorous, scavenger
Habitat: Open and wooded savanna, desert and arid fields
Emit a cry and yapping
During pregnancy: Approximately 2 months
The number of pups from one pregnancy: 2 - 4 puppies
Predators attacking dragons: Eagles, hyenas and leopards

Interesting and fun facts about the jackals.

Jackals emit a variety of sounds. They communicate with each other by yelling, barking, and sounds reminiscent of a siren. In addition, the sound leads to the willingness of other jackals during the hunt.
Despite the fact that the dragons are known as scavengers, they also hunt and kill themselves.
Lactating females jackals change the place of residence every two weeks, that would protect their young from predators.
There are three main types of dragons found on the planet: Common Jackal (Canis aureus), striped jackal (Canis adustus) and black & brown jackal (Canis mesomelas). They differ in appearance and habitat.
Jackal ordinary lives in East Africa. Also live there and representatives of the other two species. It is noteworthy that they occupy different areas.
Jackal ordinary is not a close relative to other species, rather they look like the wolf and coyote.
Jackal common jackal is the heaviest in the world, it weighs more than 15 pounds.
Black-backed jackals prefer homes with multiple outputs.
Of the three species of jackals, striped are less aggressive, while the black & brown are the most aggressive.
YOUNG jackal takes 10 days, which would open the eyes after birth.
Jackals are by nature very dependent on the area and always zealously guarded her.
Grown puppies jackal care for newborns. Most infants die in the first jackals 14 days after birth, and to increase the population, it is important the presence of guardians at the initial stage.
Striped jackals found around the savannah and woodlands, emit a sound similar to the cry of an owl or even a siren.
There are more than 12 subspecies of jackal ordinary.
Jackal ordinary known by many names, oriental jackal, Asian jackal, jungle wolf, the Austro-Hungarian wolf.
In the absence of food, jackals, especially those that live in the tropics of South Africa, for a long time can eat grass.
Jackals are gloomy mammals, they are most active during the hours of sunrise and sunset.
Jackals are known as good runners, they may for a long time to move at speeds up to 16 km per hour.
They mainly use the howling and yelping to communicate with other members of the pack.
With two months puppy jackal feeds his mother (and game meat), starting at 6 months, grown up puppy is able to hunt itself.
Jackals can prey on small mammals, birds, reptiles. Hyenas, leopards and eagles hunt for dragons, eagles - puppies for jackals.
Some species of jackals eat poisonous snakes.
Jackals are a threat to farmers. Also on the hunt for dragons of fur.
One subspecies of jackal living in Ethiopia, has about 500 individuals left in the world.
Preferring to sleep in the heat, jackals live in deep caves and dens built by other animals.
Oriental myths and tales describe the jackals and foxes as the wise wizard.
God of mummification and the afterlife of ancient Egypt - Anubis depicted with the head of a jackal.
During the experiments, the crossing of jackals and dogs, resulting hybrid had lower fertility in comparison with hybrid wolfhound.


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