The storyline and development of the action in GTA 5

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The storyline and development of the action in GTA 5
The basis for the storyline of the fifth part of GTA put 6 large-scale robberies. This is a distinguishing feature from the previous games. In addition to the main story, GTA 5 has many branches and areas. Now the player will constantly change the scene of events that will lead to the main result – organized crime. However, the achievement of the goal so close, in fact to the robbery was able to accomplish this, you must consider every detail and particular attention be paid to the selection of performers. Don't be afraid to spend a lot of effort into preparation, because in a favorable outcome to your feet will fall all the wealth. If the robbery did not succeed, then all you will get – dead character.

For those who like to diversify the gameplay, it is possible to unwind with the game of Golf or on the tennis court. To try himself not only as a criminal but a sportsman, and play Grand Theft Auto V, namely GTA 5, where You get the opportunity to play for your favorite character.
When the robbery will be a question about the number of partners. For normal you can do three characters. At any time you may need additional participants, who will have to hire. From them, as from all members of the gang, will depend a lot, so it is recommended to pay for their services in full.

Another important advantage of GTA 5 from the previous games in the series is the movement of cars, which was perfect. The physics of driving has reached excellent levels. In addition to her improved shooting, in which a few basic modes, and combat, which became much more exciting.

A distinguishing feature of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) was the control the gameplay of three characters. At first glance it may seem a wild idea, but everything is left to chance. While the player controls someone one, the other two are familiar to the game action live as before. Despite this, the gameplay is not slowed down even for a second, and constantly evolving. However, there is one restrictive condition: in a police pursuit, you can switch to another character frozen. In other words, you first need to hide from the police, and only then can you choose another character.


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