What can you tell us about you heart line on the palm

What can you tell us about you heart line on the palm. Smallest and most useful beam of knowledge about palmistry. Do you know that the heart line is on the palm? She can tell a lot about how you get along with other people, how often are nervous and what matters to you most in the world?

Look at the palm of his right hand. Heart line — the one that is directly under the index or middle finger. It extends to the edge of the palm towards the little finger.

And now look at yours.


Option A.

If your heart line starts under the middle finger, it means you were born to be a leader. Are you ambitious, independent and intelligent man. You have everything in order to properly assess the situation and make the right decisions. On the other hand, in relation to other people you are often cold and not very sensitive. Sometimes you are called "stale".

Option B.

If your heart line starts between the index and middle finger, it means that you are peaceful, good people. Some think you are overly cautious, while others believe that you are indecisive. But those and others know that you can rely on. And run to you for advice on how to proceed. The thing is that your main trait — the desire to always and everywhere to rely on common sense.

Option C.

If this line starts under the index finger, it means you are a perfect strategist and tactician. You like to discuss big ideas and to build grandiose plans. Many people think you are a perfectionist and an optimist, and you yourself referred to as a realist.

Option D.

If the heart line on your hand starts between the forefinger and thumb, it means that you are a man with an exceptionally patient, caring, gentle and soft. Most in life are important for you, harmony and good relations with other people. Here are the main things that you should know.published

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