Puma launches mobile phone under its own brand.


sportswear manufacturer Puma launches phone under its own brand. Their mobiles are already at Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Tag Heuer and Armani. According to rumors, it will soon release a phone Versace. Puma makes big promises to make "a new step in mobile phones." By this is meant the creation of community around your phone "Puma community", which is believed to be the creators, owners of the phone will communicate with each other, to get information about new fashion, style, etc. And, of course, buy things online Puma. It is not clear how they intend to attract a sufficient number of its network users. Hardly anyone wants to change the usual circle of friends in the existing social networks, such as Facebook, to "zagonchik" for pumavodov. This thing will probably seem interesting only to devoted fans of the brand. From a technical point of view, the emergence of such interesting things as charging from solar panels. The phone will sport features: pedometer, navigation, stopwatch. Other than that, everything is pretty familiar: Touch Screen 2, 8 inches, the camera 3, 2 megapixel camera, FM-radio, Bluetooth. Puma phone will be available in April. The price is not reported.


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