Lacquered collection of Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is launching a new series of watches «Métiers d'Art La symbolique des laques Maki-e». The collection is dedicated to the ancient Japanese lacquer technique called maki-e. The first series of watches within this collection of timepieces called "three friends of winter." Watch inspired by Japanese culture, embodies reliability and durability, despite the harsh environmental conditions. Each model has its own poetic name: "Pine and Crane» - Matsu to tsuru, «Bamboo and sparrow» - Take to suzume and "plum tree and the nightingale» - Ume to uguisu. The clock mechanism is used with manual winding, which is considered the world's thinnest. A notable feature of these timepieces is that the final finishing is performed in Japan. All other Vacheron Constantin watches are made only in Geneva. Each year, will be made only 20 hours from the collection, and each is an instance of unique. Admire the photos of unusual timepieces can be in continuing material.


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