"Hours Hotel" in Florence

One of the Florentine boutique hotels tired of being "one" and he decided to stand out from the crowd, changing the sign at the L'O - Hotel L'Orologio («Hotel Hours"). Owner places Sandro Frattini himself is an avid fan of the art of watchmaking - in his personal collection of over 2,000 vintage timepieces. He is definitely going to be easy to find a common language with this category of guests. Watches from the collection of the lord Frattini steel fittings is available. Each floor is dedicated to one of the favorite brands of the owner: Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe. Designer Marianne Gagliardi tried to recreate the atmosphere of Hotel L'Orologio classic men's club. The interiors are used materials such as leather, parchment, polished bronze, mahogany, velvet. dominant color - tobacco. Even the air decided to saturate the aroma of tobacco, which is so hostile modern European establishment. In July, Florence will Pitti Immagine Uomo - one of the main events in the world of men's fashion. Certainly, among the thousands of visitors to the city there will a lot of wishing to stay in the "hourly hotel."


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