Diamond branch of Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin watch house boasts the most extensive experience in the creation of women's watches: they are the 20-ies of the XIX century, has released the first pocket watch for the beautiful ladies. Many traditions that originated two centuries ago, survived to the present day. In the new model, Vacheron Constantin Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles face covered with diamond "branch." In this "secret" deep roots. The fact was once considered improper for women to look at the clock in the society. So they had to learn to sneak time. Watchmakers, knowing the manners of high society, made every effort to help their shoppers and came up with various "camouflage" for their products. Swiss watchmakers get the hand to make secrets so skillfully that even now, when manners are quite different, it makes no sense to abandon them. In fact - most women prefer to view the most exquisite jewels dial. Hours Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles generously covered with diamonds form "baguette", weighing about 28, 7 carats. Nothing should overshadow the radiance of precious stones.


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