Patek Philippe №1527

Chronometer Patek Philippe model number 1527, the sale of which we reported in mid-April, has set a fantastic record. Watches were sold in 1943 at Christie's auction in Geneva for 6 259 million. Swiss francs ($ 5, 64 million.) - Two and a half times more expensive than the estimate. Thus the number of Patek Philippe in 1527 became the most expensive men's wristwatch. Previously, the title of "best of the best" belonged Vacheron Constantin Tour d'Ile, $ 1, 5 million. Dollars. These watches are considered the most difficult in the world and is made of 7 pieces. But even Patek Philippe 1527 far from the champions in the category of pocket watches: Patek Philippe Supercomplication were sold at Sotheby's in 1999 for $ 11 002 500. Well, the absolute record still belongs to the female for an hour Chopard, valued at over 25 million. Dollars.


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